Want Your Airline Bags Delivered To Your Door? American Will Do It For A Fee

It’s not hard to believe that some fliers, sick of waiting at the baggage carousel for their luggage and then hauling it out through the airport and to their destination, might be willing to pay to have someone else do the schlepping for them. Now, American Airlines is hoping that enough people are willing to pay at least $29.95 for a service that just does just that.

Starting Monday, American — in partnership with some company called BAGS VIP — will begin offering a plane-to-door delivery service. The price is $29.95 for the first bag; $39.95 for two bags; $49.95 for up to 10 bags. These prices are in addition to American’s existing fees for checked bags.

And if you live more than 40 miles from the airport, be warned that you’ll be assessed an additional $1/mile for each mile between 41 and 100. For people who live in, or are traveling to, destinations that are a long drive from the airport, those fees can pile up.

A rep for the airline says the service is being targets at business travelers and families traveling with children.

Of course, some fliers have already figured out they can simply use UPS or FedEx to ship their luggage to their destination. Depending on how many bags you’re carrying and how far you’re traveling, the cost to use one of these existing delivery services may be less than the combined check bag/delivery fees. At the very least, you would not have to take bring all those bags with you to the airport.

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