All Of This Walmart’s Enfamil Baby Formula Is Expired

Vinny went to a Walmart somewhere in New England to pick up some baby formula. After the purchase, he noticed that the cans he had were expired. No big deal: he brought them back to the store for the easiest exchange he’s ever experienced at a Walmart. Not an exchange, though. That’s what he would have preferred, but he tells Consumerist that every container of formula on the shelf was expired.

He recounted what went down when he tried to swap the formula for something a little newer.

Me; I just bought these and they’re expired.
Wal-Mart; Oh, when did you buy them?
Me: Receipt says about 10 minutes ago.
Wal-Mart; Oh, would you like to exchange them?
Me: Yes
Wal-Mart; Okay, go ahead and check and bring the right ones up here
Me: Um, Okay.

I go check, thinking why am I checking… shouldn’t they?

Me: All your formula is expired, cans, and bottles.
Walmart: Sorry about that, do you want cash or a refund to your card?
Me: Refund to the card
Walmart: Okay, we’ll have someone go fix that aisle.

Honestly this is the first time there was a no hassle return, almost like
this happens frequently.

It looks like this isn’t Wal-Mart’s first time.

No, it’s hardly their first time, but it’s not like they’re alone:

Walmart To Pay $775K To NJ For Selling Expired Baby Formula
Selling Expired Products: CVS To Pay $875,000 Settlement
Will CVS Ever Pull Expired Medicine, Baby Formula From Their Shelves?
NY AG Will Take Legal Action Against CVS & Rite Aid For Selling Expired Milk, Baby Formula

Perhaps Vinny’s state attorney general would be interested in checking up to see whether this Walmart follows through with their promise to ditch the expired formula. We reached out to Walmart’s PR peeps to see whether that’s the case.

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