Thanks To Nordstrom, I Now Know That A Stranger Is Planning A Very Special Evening

Remember how one reader kept getting emails about the Nook she’d never ordered? Another Consumerist tipster says he’s been receiving emailed receipts from Nordstrom for purchases in Seattle that he never made. Jason says it’s annoying but mildly amusing, as in this case where the purchases have led him to believe his unknown pal has “a hot date planned.”

Jason’s been trying to get Nordstrom to remove his email address from their system, because he most definitely did not buy items like a “Cotton Thong” or “Intimates — Lavender Wash.” Hence, the hot date.

He says he got the below email from a customer service representative apologizing for the mix-up and promising to update the other customer’s information.

She wrote:

I am so sorry for any concern this has caused you! Since the e-receipts are sent from a Nordstrom store, most likely the associate has used the wrong e-mail address for another customer. We ask that you please reply to this e-mail and include the e-receipt you received. We can then contact the appropriate parties to update the information for the customer, and you will stop receiving the e-mails. I am sorry for this inconvenience to you. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

By the time the e-receipt involving various washes and underthings totaling $93 arrived, Nordstrom customer service appears to have given up.

The other CSR wrote three weeks later:

I am so sorry to hear that you have received an e-receipt for another customer. Occasionally, a customer’s e-mail address may be entered incorrectly when orders are placed at our stores. I have forwarded your feedback to my supervisor so that we can correct this and ensure that your privacy is protected. However, you may continue to receive these e-mails until the correction is made. You can simply delete them from your inbox and no further action is needed on your part.

As he puts it, “they’ve gone from ‘We’ll fix this for you’ to ‘You’re on your own pal’ in a few short weeks. Not the sort of customer service I generally expect from Nordstrom, considering I also shop there occasionally.”

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