You Don’t Need The Perfect Tortilla Pan. No One Does.

Every time I look at a TV during the last few weeks, I see ads for the Perfect Tortilla, a wavy mold designed to help you make lovely edible bowls out of a regular store-bought tortilla. At home, visiting family, even at a sports bar: the ad is everywhere. What makes it annoying isn’t the spokesman who resembles a bald Billy Mays. It’s that this product is useless, even by the rarified standards of as-seen-on-TV merchandise.

If you really do aspire to eat a tortilla bowl-centric diet, you don’t need to buy a special product that takes up cabinet space. As food blogger Emily Bites showed the world more than a year ago, you need to turn your muffin pan over.

Mini Taco Bowls [Emily Bites] (via Lifehacker)
Perfect Tortilla [Official Site]

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