You Don’t Need The Perfect Tortilla Pan. No One Does.

Every time I look at a TV during the last few weeks, I see ads for the Perfect Tortilla, a wavy mold designed to help you make lovely edible bowls out of a regular store-bought tortilla. At home, visiting family, even at a sports bar: the ad is everywhere. What makes it annoying isn’t the spokesman who resembles a bald Billy Mays. It’s that this product is useless, even by the rarified standards of as-seen-on-TV merchandise.

If you really do aspire to eat a tortilla bowl-centric diet, you don’t need to buy a special product that takes up cabinet space. As food blogger Emily Bites showed the world more than a year ago, you need to turn your muffin pan over.

Mini Taco Bowls [Emily Bites] (via Lifehacker)
Perfect Tortilla [Official Site]


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  1. do-it-myself says:

    WoW!!! I can’t wait to give that a try!

  2. deathbecomesme says:

    If you watch the whole “As Seen On TV” ad it shows an “example” of failed tortilla bowls made from muffin pans turned upside down.

    WHO DO I BELIEVE!! Tell me! I can’t make up my own mind!

  3. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    I’m going to try this. Sadly, I know more than one of my coworkers will buy this gadget.

  4. dks64 says:

    I bought this invention years ago (under a different brand/name). It’s to make giant tortilla bowls, not smaller ones. I really like it. Not a necessity and not used daily, but a nice gadget. Better than the deep fried ones (although they do taste better).

  5. KaptainHook says:

    The first thing that the website does is ask for your CC info, then hits you with several add on product requests. At no time do you get the chance to cancel the order. Once committed, they have you.
    Plus the shipping on a $17.00US order was $30.00

    • swtnsassy says:

      I ordered these on the website and I got 4 pans, the cutting cup thing, and 2 recipe books and my total cost including shipping and handling only costed me $21.00 and some change. Reasonable in my opinion

  6. swtnsassy says:

    I bought these and have had them for a few weeks. I have used them a few times and I love them. The muffin tin idea might work for the smaller tortillas but I never could get them to work for the larger ones. The muffin tins aren’t deep enough and you can’t get enough of a “flat bottom” so the large one’s will stand up on a plate.

    They weren’t overly expensive and they don’t take up alot of room. I am pleased with this purchase.

  7. peato says:

    Right on, KaptainHook! You get no chance to preview your final order before it’s submitted and charged – to the tune of $54.00 for the product and $57.00 shipping for me! Total $111.00!
    Stupid of me! I should have realized they were a ripoff company when they asked for my credit card info first – Duh! Since they don’t charge my card until the order ships – even if I return the pans, I’ll have to pay $57.00 shipping! According to my credit card company, the only thing I can do at this point is put my card on “hold” and when they company tries to charge them, it will be refused – but I can’t charge anything else in the meantime. Meanwhile their “customer service” website has no record of my order either! Maybe you can get them over the phone easier – but somehow I doubt it – they obviously have no integrity whatsoever!

  8. BaylinerInMd says:

    I bought the tortilla maker from the ‘As Seen on TV’ store today for $16.95. There were no hidden costs.

    I tried making my own bowls after reading many suggestions on line – including the muffin tin. Nothing worked so I broke down and purchased the mold.

  9. ghostbacon says:

    The problem with the muffin pan idea, like someone else mentioned, is that not all tortillas work in it. Plus, they come out pretty ugly that way.

    They sell the Perfect Tortilla thing at Walmart now, and it’s only $10 for four bowls. I just used them with big tortillas. They worked just fine, and the bowls came out looking perfect. Since making tortilla bowls seems like a novelty to me, I’d rather have nice looking ones. Then you could have a cute taco bowl party or something.