Burger King Gives Us The Bacon Sundae We’ve Always Wanted But Were Afraid To Ask For

Burger King, home of the Whopper and, at least for a limited time, the bacon sundae.

The AP reports that BK will launch the treat — which has fudge, caramel, crumbled bacon and a full piece of bacon — later this week, along with other limited time items.

It has 510 calories, 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar, but we’re guessing that these numbers won’t discourage the bacon-curious from giving it a try.

In addition to the sundae — already available in Nashville — BK will be offering the following through Sept. 3 (or while supplies last) :
— Memphis Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich.
— Carolina BBQ Whopper or Chicken Sandwich.
— Texas BBQ Whopper or Chicken Sandwich.
— Sweet potato fries.
— Frozen Lemonade.

Burger King bets on bacon sundae for summertime [AP]

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