Forget Food Trucks And Rolling Retailers; This Guy Operates His Gym From The Back Of His Pickup

Yesterday we told you about retailers who were following the food truck model of taking their wares to customers on the city streets. But that’s nothing compared to the guy who decided the best way to get customers to his gym was to bring his gym to the public — in the back of his pickup truck.

This isn’t the masseur who totes his table to customers’ homes, or the Pilates instructor who travels with their equipment. Customers of Boston-area’s Mobile Fitness System actually work out on and around a gym built into the truck.

“The truck itself became a training apparatus and an opportunity for me to take my workouts and my programs and my ideas directly to my clients,” the mobile gym’s owner tells CBS Boston. “I’m set up with the gym and everything you would need in your driveway.”

Because Massachusetts weather is not always conducive to working out outside, the truck can drive the customer over to an indoor space reserved for such times.

We’re not sure how we’d feel about doing lunges and squats in full view of our neighbors, but we could see a mobile gym solution — especially one inside of a converted bus or RV — finding a nice niche, especially in places like busy downtowns or office parks that don’t have nearby gym facilities.

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