Is It Worth Hacking Into A School’s System To Change Your Kid’s Grade By 1 Percent?

A mom in Pennsylvania has been accused of breaking into the computer system of a school district she used to work for to change her kids’ grades. While she  allegedly switched one failing grade to a “medical exception,” she also took the time to give her son’s 98% grade a nice kick up to 99%, said officials. Poor kids — sounds like she might be tough to please.

State police say the woman used her understanding of the district’s computer system and a pilfered password belonging to the superintendent to get her hands on her kids’ grades, reports The Morning Call (via

Authorities say the mom admitted to changing the grades and using stolen passwords to access district e-mails and personnel files. She apparently worked her way into the system out of “curiosity and boredom” after leaving her job as a secretary.

“When she resigned, we took her out of the system,” said the district’s superintendent. “Unfortunately she found her way around security protocol through unauthorized access to my information.”

For those two tiny changes, the woman is facing three counts each of  unlawful use of a computer and computer trespassing, all third-degree felonies. Hope it was worth all that trouble.

Police: Mom hacked system to change grades []

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