Trapped In A Tollbooth Without Money: What Do You Do?

Visiting Orlando, Sarah ended up in a Florida Turnpike toll booth that only accepted change or EZ-Pass. The booth apparently wasn’t set up to capture her rental’s license plate and automatically charge her. It was unmanned. She had no change. She found a solution to the problem that was practical, but violated some traffic laws. She wonders: what would others have done?

Here is her tale of tollbooth woe:

Upon a visit to Florida, we landed in Orlando Airport (MCO).
Picked up a rental and went eastwards on the 528 towards Cocoa Beach.

The 528 is a turnpike, and unmanned at the time (10 PM). We had only notes (had single dollar notes mind you), but the machine only accepted coins or Ez-Pass, and I found no contact information or information on what to do.

At the situation, I considered calling 911 to let them know of our stranded vehicle in booth 3, but dialed 411 and asked for the Florida Turnpike company.
After being rerouted the machine told me to call back between 9 and 5.

No cars had passed in the last ten minutes, and I started backing at the shoulder of the road, ready to halt if a vehicle came by.
None came and after a mile or so I came to an intersection, allowing me to fetch a drive through burger and get me the required quarters.

The issue has intrigued me.
Should I have called 911 (or perhaps Florida Highway Patrol)?
Perhaps just gone through and paid the fee for passing without paying?
And are they not required to take my money unless I have coins (notes are legal tender too!)?

Here’s putting my head out hoping for tips.
Anyone else been in the same situation?
What did you do?

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