Pepsi Wants You To Try New Yogurt Flavors Like “Choco Balls”

Not enough chocolate balls for you in the yogurt aisle? Pepsi is embarking on a dairy adventure in an attempt to lure health-conscious consumers with a new line of yogurt flavors. Along with traditional flavors like strawberry, blueberry and Greek styles, there will also be “Choco Balls” and “Chocolate Flakes.” One can never get too much chocolate in one’s yogurt, after all.

Starting in the Northeast and MidAtlantic states later this month, PepsiCo’s first yogurts will hit stores in the hopes that the nutritious offerings will appeal to consumers unlikely to buy its Frito-Lay products and sodas. Each yogurt will have between 130 and 220 calories.

Eventually the plan is to distribute the yogurts nationwide, in a bid to grab a bit of the burgeoning $9 billion yogurt market.

Competitors aren’t sitting still, either: General Mills announced plans to launch up to 40 more yogurt products this year under its Yoplait brand, while Chobani and FAGE are also upping operations on their Greek yogurt offerings.

Now, what exactly is involved in a Choco Ball yogurt? Cocoa Puffs would be delightful, thanks.

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