Man Sues Strip Club Over Mysterious $50,000 Credit Card Bill

Strip clubs can be an alternate dimension where money vanishes at a faster rate than it does in the outside world. Or so we’ve been told… Ahem… Regardless, a man in Florida says there is no way he spent $50,000 on lap dances and warm cans of beer, and he’s willing to go to court to prove it.

The Tampa Tribune reports on the lawsuit filed by a man who admits he racked up around $600 worth of fun times at an area gentleman’s club back in March, but that he certainly didn’t spend the $50K the club charged to his credit card.

“There’s no way to spend that kind of money,” his attorney explains to the Tribune. “How many dances would it take before you run up $50,000 at $20 a dance?”

Well, that would be 2,500, not including tip.

The plaintiff says he tried to file a complaint with Bank of America but was told he couldn’t claim the charges were fraudulent since he admits he was at the bar at the time the charges were made.

The suit, which also lists a former bartender at the strip club as a defendant, is looking for the $50,000, plus interest, attorney fees and court costs.

Man sues strip club over $50,000 credit card bill [Tampa Tribune via Gizmodo]

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