At What Age Is It Appropriate To Market Professional Waxing To Girls?

A salon with locations in Florida and New York has a great promotion — waxing for half-off the price of a normal treatment, with one stipulation: You’ve got to be 15 or younger. Say what now? The reasoning goes, according to the salon, that “girls get bored when they go out with their Moms to do errands.” Nothing less boring than getting hair ripped off.

Buzzfeed contacted the corporate offices of the salon, and encountered the odd “boredom” defense.

“At our centers, the daughters often come along and look at their mothers getting waxed and they have questions and they’re not part of the fun and it just becomes a regular activity,” said  [the company’s director of operations]. “It’s just another thing you have to do with Mom, like running errands or something else that becomes boring.”

He added that the girls do need a parent’s consent, but that after that, all procedures are fair game. Even bikini waxes.

“Depending on the girls, they’ll have choose what service they want depending on how the hair grows,” he  said, adding that waxing is “a process in life” that the salon wants to make “fun.”

Then there’s that whole independence thing. Perfect for July! “We want them to celebrate freedom and independence all July when they go out with their Moms and experience this waxing treatment,” he said. “It goes along with our country.”

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