At What Age Is It Appropriate To Market Professional Waxing To Girls?

A salon with locations in Florida and New York has a great promotion — waxing for half-off the price of a normal treatment, with one stipulation: You’ve got to be 15 or younger. Say what now? The reasoning goes, according to the salon, that “girls get bored when they go out with their Moms to do errands.” Nothing less boring than getting hair ripped off.

Buzzfeed contacted the corporate offices of the salon, and encountered the odd “boredom” defense.

“At our centers, the daughters often come along and look at their mothers getting waxed and they have questions and they’re not part of the fun and it just becomes a regular activity,” said  [the company’s director of operations]. “It’s just another thing you have to do with Mom, like running errands or something else that becomes boring.”

He added that the girls do need a parent’s consent, but that after that, all procedures are fair game. Even bikini waxes.

“Depending on the girls, they’ll have choose what service they want depending on how the hair grows,” he  said, adding that waxing is “a process in life” that the salon wants to make “fun.”

Then there’s that whole independence thing. Perfect for July! “We want them to celebrate freedom and independence all July when they go out with their Moms and experience this waxing treatment,” he said. “It goes along with our country.”

Weigh in below.

NOTE: There is a problem with the polling software. It is only providing results for one of the three answers. So for now, ignore the results and tell us your thoughts in the comments. Sorry for the error.

Salon Offers Waxing Deal For Girls Under 15 [Buzzfeed]


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  1. Marlin says:

    Our employee of the month, pedobear, will be handling all 15 year old and younger kids.
    This way to Pedobears dung… I mean suite.

  2. mauispiderweb says:

    Waxing is not a life process.

    How about we stop wanting to look prepubescent and give ourselves a trim here and there, instead?

    • mauispiderweb says:

      Or a shave. I’ve never gotten anything waxed, though I’ve considered it. I’m at the point where it’s not a big deal if my legs aren’t shaved. You don’t like it? Don’t look.

      • Smiling says:

        ^This. I wear jeans and pants most of the time because my legs are pale and are often bruised. My husband doesn’t care b/c my hair is basically invisible, and we are a bit on the crunchy side. Plus, I’m almost 40 and I have decided I would rather spend time doing my nails, hair, or something that people actually notice.

        • Captain Spock says:

          the… crunchy side? I hesitate to ask, but I do not have access to at work

          • The Colonel says:

            Crunchy meaning granola meaning “natural” or in some cases “hippie.”

          • Smiling says:

            Crunchy means hippy. It comes from granola, I guess b/c hippies eat granola.

            • Captain Spock says:

              I suppose that means I am a fellow crunchy muncher

            • I look at both sides of the story says:

              “hippies eat granola”

              speaking from personal experience, real hippies make their own granola. and you have to buy the raw stuff at the local co-op.

        • milk says:

          I’ve already reached this point at 28. The only person who should possibly be bothered by it is my fiance, and he couldn’t care less. Considering his opinion is the only one I care about, the world gets to see my hairy legs now!

          • JJFIII says:

            So you don’t get your hair cut, don’t wear deodorant and dont care what you weigh? If you want to look that way, that is fine, but this attitude that I dont care I have my mate is silly. Most people do not choose to look a certain way for their mates, they do it to fend off others. Keep getting fat and letting the hair on your legs look like you need a weed whacker, but when he dumps your ass, remember, it was not him who made the choice.

            • Eyeheartpie says:

              …this attitude that I dont care I have my mate is silly.

              The attitude is “he/she is the one I want to look nice for, so if my mate doesn’t care, then I will worry about something that my mate does care about”.

            • iblamehistory says:

              In that case, I’d be glad to be dumped by someone who would leave me over my appearance.

              I get my hair cut very short (about an inch off my scalp) because I hate messing with it. I wear deodorant because I don’t want to smell myself otherwise. I care what I weigh to a certain extent, but I am very fat. I’m able to function completely normally and I don’t waddle (well, at 8 months pregnant, I now waddle. But that’s just how it goes). If my husband “dumps my ass” because my legs are hairy, then good riddance. I tend to shave them in the summer but once I start wearing jeans every day, my legs don’t see a razor until spring because I don’t want the hassle. We’re going on 10 years now, together since age 16, and so far there’s no sign of my husband having a problem with what I decide to do with my own body.

            • Conformist138 says:

              That makes no sense. Hairy legs have nothing to do with being dirty or smelly and particular hairstyle choices also don’t mean dirty or unkempt. Being smelly matters to every personal interaction, but hairy legs really don’t impact anyone but a person’s significant other.

              I usually shave, but since it rains so much here and I live in jeans, I’m not very strict about it and often let the stubble grow awhile. Doesn’t mean I’m going to just throw away all soap and roll in the mud.

              • penuspenuspenus says:

                The way you look of course has nothing to do with anything. Next time you go on a job interview, show up with a dark hairy upper lip, hairy legs and a mini skirt, and don’t bother combing your hair. Because the way you look has nothing to do with perception.


      • Jawaka says:

        You must already be married.

    • Mambru says:

      It ain’t fun either I help my gf wax (her choice) and i am the recipient of many many many isults during the process

  3. Marlin says:

    This offer will be matched at all Roman Polanski “clinics”, we will not be under kid… I mean sold… SOLD.

    “I use to bring my young daughter to Roman Polanski clinics all the time. It was great bonding moment.” /Woody Allen

    Ok, I’m done. :)

  4. FatLynn says:

    Where’s the option for “never”? Can we stop trying to make women feel ashamed of their bodies and let them make their own choices?

    • TheMansfieldMauler says:

      Who isn’t letting someone make their own choices?

      And how is offering and advertising these services making someone feel ashamed?

      • Smiling says:

        I think the point is that women even feel the need to get waxed at all. Many people interpret “waxed” as getting all of the hair taken from your lady goods so you look like a six-year-old and/or porn star. The reason women feel the need to look like that is to live up to an unattainable standard set by fashion/porn/unreasonable men. Pre-internet, almost no one ever shaved or waxed their lady goods Telly style. We may have trimmed to keep things from sticking out of our swim suit, but women felt just fine about actually having pubic hair. For that to change, women had to begin to feel there was something wrong with it. Generally, it means we were somehow shamed so that this became the norm.

        • mauispiderweb says:

          Well said :)

        • Captain Spock says:

          I am really turned off when a girl shaves her….. ah…. hoo ha? the whole pre-pubescant thing makes me shudder…. I thank god my Fiance is au naturel

          • Smiling says:

            I think it’s weird/creepy overall b/c it makes women look like they are children. It came from the porn industry. The funny thing is that they shave to help curb the spread of crabs. Then, some of these douchy young guys started seeing it as normal and expect it now. And,many dumb young girls will do anything to keep a guy no matter how much of a tool he is. It’s one thing if you shave b/c you like it, it increases your pleasure, you get too sweaty, etc… But, when I have talked about it with other women, that is not the main reason they do it. You’d be shocked at how much female grooming/beauty, body behavior comes from men expecting it b/c of porn.

            • LabGnome says:

              Tell you what when women stop forcing men to behave and look like men in romance movies we can officially stop hating each others genders. :)

            • Conformist138 says:

              See, I fully defend a woman who leaves whatever she wants natural, but I think your attitude is mean, too. I am a strange person in that I often neglect my legs, but haven’t neglected to shave my ‘personal business’ since I was 17. It has nothing to do with “Looking like a child” (I am a size 16 with 38DDD breasts who sprouted rather early–No one has thought I was 12 since I was 10). For me and most women I know who shave, it’s about keeping clean. I quickly got tired of starting my period and dealing with pubic hair full of dried blood, even needing to get in the tub randomly to clean up. In the end, shaving it all off has made keeping down there all clean super easy. Just a simple cleansing cloth and I’m good to go, no muss, no fuss. No need to worry about a swimsuit line, either–It’s all taken care of.

              I also think men like it for the same reason I like them to shave or at least do a close trim–No hair caught in anyone’s teeth.

            • DemosCat says:

              And crew cuts were adopted by the military to curb the spread of head lice.

              About a generation or two ago, wearing makeup and shaving your armpits and legs was considered a sure sign of loose moral values. Now these activities are viewed as normal behavior. And yes, the early adapters are generally prostitutes and others in porn.

              What does that progression say about how waxing will be viewed in the future? We seem to be on a trend towards less body hair, and that applies to both sexes. You have guys who are into “manscaping”.

            • Noir says:

              have fun not getting oral sex hahaha

        • OthelloAndreus says:

          So what standard are men living up to when they shave their faces?

          • mauispiderweb says:

            Their own.

            • Smiling says:

              Yup. Men get to be fatter, slobbier, smellier, fartier, and far less groomed than women. It’s way more acceptable. Men set the standards for men and women. Even the media that promoted these standards is owned and controlled by men. Hell, many of the major fashion designers are men.

              • Reno Raines says:

                Men set the standard? Be sure to ask how well those “fatter, slobbier, smellier, fartier, and far less groomed” men do with women. I’m sure they get just as much action as Channing Tatum.

                The ones that are doing well with women (I see quite a few large men with petite, attractive wives, maybe you should ask the woman why she’s making it acceptable for her husband to look this way?

                Isn’t it funny that a Wife can tall her husband he’s gaining weight or is a slob and that’s great, but if a husband tells his wife she’s fat or needs to lose weight he just committed a capital offense?

            • incident_man says:

              *clears throat* If I let myself go Grizzly Adams style, my wife practically BEGS me to shave. If my goatee is longer than 1/4-inch, she pitches a fit.

              Ergo, it’s not MY choice whether or not I have facial hair and how much!

              • Eyeheartpie says:

                Heh, your wife actually begs you to shave? My wife says “if you don’t shave that hair, I will shave it for you while you sleep, and I may accidentally shave random patterns into your head hair as well because I’ll be tired”.

                • incident_man says:

                  Yes she does….and she will hound me until I shave, if I let it grow out. I told her that I’m keeping the goatee, though, because otherwise no one takes me seriously. Without the goatee, some folks think I’m practically a teenager, even though I’m in my 40s.

          • Nidoking says:

            The standard of not getting hair in my mouth every time I eat?

            • Smiling says:

              Eat what???

              If you are doing it right, you shouldn’t be getting hair in your mouth.

          • Powerlurker says:

            As I man I find this agonizing about when the right age for women to remove hair from wherever to be puzzling. No one ever asks if a man is too young to shave, you just do it when it starts getting long enough to look weird or be annoying.

        • TheMansfieldMauler says:

          That’s nice, but it doesn’t answer either question. Again:

          Who isn’t letting someone make their own choices?

          And how is offering and advertising these services making someone feel ashamed?

          • Smiling says:

            I don’t know that the person’s comment was aimed at claiming that this ad does this in some direct way. It seemed to me to be more of a general comment about society. But, ads don’t help when they say/imply that a girl this age should wax and be basically hairless. By offering this service to young girls, you are implying that they need it. Young girls are impressionable. As a female, when getting waxed or being shaved becomes the norm, you really do get judged when you don’t do it. Guys and girls alike will judge you as being slovenly, lazy, or gross b/c you choose to have hair on your vagina, legs, etc… This came about b/c of porn, fashion, and advertising showing it as the norm and insinuating or directly stating it is bad/undesirable to have hair. So, yes, you have a choice not to do this stuff, but there is a huge risk of being ostracized if you don’t.

            • TheMansfieldMauler says:

              By offering this service to young girls, you are implying that they need it.

              That’s either ridiculous or it applies to every piece of advertising ever created – take your pick. In either case it is rendered irrelevant.

              Obviously the first question is moot because the statement was false on its face. No one is not allowing anyone to make a choice. Period. It was just a cliche meant to make it sound like some woman/girl was being somehow oppressed.

              Now about the body image thing, that’s either “society” or “popular culture”, either way. But if you are ashamed of your body because of either, then you have body image issues of your own, and it is not society’s fault – it is your fault. If you feel ashamed of your own body because you see some advertisement, you have severe body image issues and should probably consult a mental health professional.

              • AstroPig7 says:

                In that case, there are hundreds of millions of people who need to see a mental health professional. I’m not certain you understand the point of advertising, particularly advertising beauty standards, and even more specifically advertising them to young women. When someone who is not totally confident in themselves is bombarded by unrealistic, idealized images of their own sex, then it’s only natural to develop some level of shame as a result. It’s likely worth noting that most people are not totally confident in themselves, and the percentage is worse for teenagers (for obvious reasons).

                Also, I have to assume you’re male, because men generally don’t go through the “my body is horrific because I don’t match these standards” phase that women do. I’m not saying this to chastise you, but I think it’s why you’ve missed the above point.

                • partofme says:

                  “…men generally don’t admit to going through the ‘my body is horrific…”


                  • AstroPig7 says:

                    In my experience, we don’t go through it to the same degree, but your answer is also correct for a lot of men. It’s difficult to tell.

                  • Overman says:

                    “My Body is Horrific”!
                    Seriously, I wish when I was a kid in health class they
                    warned me of middle age.
                    Growing pubes and armpit hair is nothing compared to the
                    daily torment of nose and ear hair.
                    My grandpas barber used to respectfully trim his ears and eyebrows. Now every “stylist” complains about my
                    monster eyebrows.
                    Lazer hair removal is looking kinda nice.

          • theycallmeGinger says:

            You want direct answers to your cute little questions? Fine. Advertising 101, here.

            Who?: In this case, their parents. In the broader sense, society makes the rules on what’s acceptable. Yes, women can make their own choices, so long as they are willing to subject themselves to judgment, ridicule, and/or isolation. Maybe you don’t acknowledge that societal influences exist and have actual consequences, but that’s your willfull ignorance.

            How is this advertising making someone feel ashamed?: It’s making waxing seem commonplace, as in, “if you’re not waxing, you are not the norm.” Those not fitting into the “norm” parameters are outcasts. Doing unnatural things to your natural body to fit this image predisposes a person to feel ashamed of their body. If you don’t get this concept, you just don’t understand human nature (and that’s kind of sad).

            Of course everyone has a right to do whatever they want, but it’s so naive to think that this society isn’t under the influence of 24/7 advertising. YOU and I may be impervious, but MOST of society is not. You can try to make sense of it, but you can’t change the facts.

            • TheMansfieldMauler says:

              Yes, women can make their own choices, so long as they are willing to subject themselves to judgment, ridicule, and/or isolation. Those not fitting into the “norm” parameters are outcasts.

              So you’re saying that women really don’t have any choices at all. They MUST do this or be outcasts. Society says so and that’s it, end of story.

              So much for all the gains of the feminist movement. Strong, confident women. Women who can do anything a man can do. Women who should get paid the same as men. All of that is a bunch of crap according to you, because women don’t really have any choices at all. They are slaves to men and to society.

              Well, that’s good to know. I’ll go with that approach when I’m at the bar tonight.

              • AstroPig7 says:

                Are you intentionally dense?

                • TheMansfieldMauler says:

                  And the original post by FatLynn wasn’t? You really think this is a valid statement in reaction to that advertisement:
                  Can we stop trying to make women feel ashamed of their bodies and let them make their own choices?

                  Look, I don’t go for all this “women are put upon by society” garbage, mostly because women are 1/2 of society to begin with. If they don’t want to be put upon, they have the power to change that by simply not accepting it en masse.

                  Women want to act like they’re smart/equal/whatever, but then one little advertisement somehow gives them all crippling personal issues and prevents them from making their own choices. That’s a LOAD OF CRAP.

                  • AstroPig7 says:

                    Oh, so you’re unintentionally dense. That’s somewhat better.

                    No one said one advertisement was the bane of women’s choices, yet you’re raving as if they had. This argument is a result of decades of advertising and centuries of societal pressure. If you honestly believe that women are not put upon by society, then you’re either wilfully ignorant or cut off from television, all forms of advertising, literature, Internet (oh wait…), and most human interaction. You also seem to think that everyone can easily change because their self-esteem allows them to turn around at the snap of their fingers. It must be easy living in a just fantasy world.

              • mauispiderweb says:

                Definitely the smartest decision, for all involved.

              • theycallmeGinger says:

                Uh, yeah, that’s exactly what I said. You know, I refrained from calling your original questions “fucking stupid” but now I think this response deserves it.

                Again, you’re either being purposely obtuse about this for the sake of trolling, or you are so mind-blowingly dumb that you don’t understand how advertising affects society as a whole (we’re not just talking about women, so unbunch already).

                I find it interesting that you couldn’t take your own advice and respond to my direct points instead of knee-jerking off an overreaction. But hey, double standards, amirite??

              • Kestris says:

                Stop being obtuse.
                YES, society dictates a lot of what and how a woman does and looks. And YES, men have a lot to do with that as well.

              • ronbo97 says:

                Welcome to 2012. I know you just arrived here from the 1970s, so I’ll give you a brief tour:

                Many women dress like sluts now. This includes push-up, padded bras that accentuate their bust lines, coupled with plunging necklines that make it appear that their breasts are about to fall out of their tops. This is commonplace, even among underage girls.

                The media, and even the porn industry, dictates how women will dress and groom themselves. Hence the discussion above.

                Sorry to disappoint you. The world has devolved. I recommend returning to the 1970s if you still can.

            • Jane_Gage says:
        • Kuchen says:

          I don’t think it is actually the norm. I don’t have any official surveys, but I am both a woman who has been in the locker room at my gym and an OB nurse. I have seen lady parts, most have not been waxed.

          • Smiling says:

            My best friend is an OB nurse and says it is the norm. She says she rarely sees hairy vaginas. Even the OB shaves. I wonder if it is regional??

            • dangermike says:

              It’s regional, all right. She doesn’t see the region because it’s behind all that hair…

            • Kuchen says:

              Could be regional. I live in Minnesota, Twin Cities suburbs. Our patients are mostly from the inner suburbs, but here that means anywhere from stereotypical middle-class “suburbanites” to recent immigrants from Africa and Asia.

        • The Beer Baron says:

          I do believe the Mohammedan ladies have long practiced removing all of their body hair for hygenic purposes. Or so certain colonial memoirs of a risque nature would have you believe. Not that I’ve read them, of course.

          • TheMansfieldMauler says:

            And also the ancient Romans – both sexes. Body hair was considered to be uncivilized and/or disgusting.

            • LabGnome says:

              Hell, I have yet to be with a woman who didn’t want things shaved down there. But hey, I am just oppressing women with my pron so what do I know?

              • LabGnome says:

                Darn you no edit! In case it wasn’t clear some women want their men hairless down there too.

        • dolemite says:

          Well there are other considerations as well. If you’ve ever gone ‘down there’, it’s a severely less appealing event when there’s a fetid jungle safari going on. And the only thing I want between my teeth is floss.

        • Martha Gail says:

          I don’t feel ashamed of body hair at all. I shave (and occasionally wax if I’m going out of town) because I like the way it feels and looks. I. Me. Myself. I’m single most of the time, not a huge dater, so I do it because I like it- not to please anyone else.

          I think most women are like me and shave because they want to.

        • You Can Call Me Al(isa) says:

          I didn’t watch porn until 3 years ago, I’ve been shaving my pubic hair all off for 8 years. Personally, I love the feel of my lady parts feeling smooth. I was also single up until 3 years ago, so I wasn’t doing it for anyone but me.

          • DemosCat says:

            Sorry, having trouble reconciling the conservative Bucket woman avatar (that’s Boo-QUE) with your liberated comment.

            Brain… pressure increasing… about to explode…

            bzzzzz. [carrier disconnect]

    • chicagojay says:

      Pish posh. I shave my face every day. I cut the hair on my head… sometimes. Not because of shame. Because I like it like that.

    • JJFIII says:

      How is this not allowing them to make their own choices? There is no mandate to wax. In fact, it sounds like you want a mandate that women must remain hairy.

  5. Blueskylaw says:
  6. scoutermac says:

    I think this is accepted in Kentucky. LOL

  7. wade says:

    I foresee these advertisements on windowless vans all throughout the city. Also, we have a basket of puppies inside! And free candy!

  8. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    Is there an age limit on tattoos? Apply the same rationale.

    • longdvsn says:

      That’s possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve read today…waxing isn’t permanent and has essentially zero health risk (aside from potentially the wax being too hot, maybe…I suppose there’s some pain when it comes off, but one should know that in advance). By your logic…no haircuts at a salon under 18! Watch out, someone, somewhere probably got poked by scissors!

      • foodfeed says:

        Both can leave permanent scars. Not that ridiculous.

        • YouDidWhatNow? says:

          It is totally ridiculous. Hair grows back. Tattoos, effectively, are forever. There’s not the slightest validity to such a comparison.

  9. BigHeadEd says:

    When I was a kid, getting hair in new places was time for discussion about changes in your body and adulthood, not a Brazilian.

    • VintageLydia says:

      If you waited until the hair was already growing, you probably waited a bit too long to talk about those changes! Hell, I already had boobs and my period before underarm and pubic hair was an issue!

    • topgun says:

      Right on. It’s tragic that so many parents don’t accept the responsibility of being a parent, and then it just progresses through the next generation.
      Let kids be kids. Being an adult is hard enough.

      • Smiling says:

        Parent should just answer questions as they come. Mine is nine and I have always been honest. It isn’t uncomfortable for the child at all. They are curious, and for them, it is just learning about their bodies if you don’t act all freaky about it. After you answer questions a couple of times, it isn’t that bad.

        I really believe knowledge is power. My mom was really honest with me as well. I put off having sex later than many of my friends b/c I had all of the facts. There was zero mystery for me.

  10. VintageLydia says:

    I was getting my eye brows waxed as young as 12 (I do a pretty good impression of a Neanderthal if they aren’t managed.) Upper lips wouldn’t be a big deal, either, or any facial waxing. But I’d be hesitant to let my imaginary young teen to get her legs or bikini area waxed. But I also try not to make any judgements about how others decide to raise their kids (so long as the child isn’t being abused or neglected.)

    It’s weird, a bit outside of the norm, and I wouldn’t do it, but I’m not everyone else.

    • whogots is "not computer knowledgeable" says:

      My mother is both motherless and hairless, and I’m a total yeti. So I missed out on a lot of feminine training that I could REALLY have used. I’m kind of granola now, but I still wax my arms and shave my legs for comfort.

      If someone had informed me about arm, leg, and eyebrow waxing at age 13 or 14, I would have had a happier adolescence. No exaggeration, no foolin’. I do think advertising and fashion are doing horrible things to girls’ minds, but if a girl is already shaving, I can’t imagine that giving her access to waxing services would do any harm.

  11. RenegadePlatypus says:

    “ALL waxing services. ALL girls 15 and under.”

    Wonder if the LGBT activists will get involved. The young transgender crowd totally digs waxing. Normally, private businesses absolutely can discriminate by gender for promotions, as in free drinks on ladies night. I wonder if there is a precedent regarding transgenders for “girls only” discounts and promotions.

    But wait, that leads to another off-topic question: Why can private business discriminate by gender in their promotions and discounts, such as ladies night, …. but they cannot discriminate by race, such as “whites night”? Not being inflammatory, it honestly seems like a good question.

    • wade says:

      Interestingly enough, it appears that Ladies’ Nights are being found to be discriminatory in quite a few states:'_night

    • EarlNowak says:

      Ladies nights are legal under federal law because:

      1) The discriminating person is a private party, not a state actor or agent of the government and
      2) they don’t implicate a more specifically protected activity, like hiring (FLSA) or housing (FHA) or access under the ADA.

      Under state law, it varies from state to state. Some states do prohibit ladies nights under their law; for example, in Pennsylvania, the liquor control board will issue citations if bars charge less to some customers than others based on gender.

      • Smiling says:

        Ladies nights are designed to get women into bars because men tend to frequent them more than women. It makes things more interesting. If men want to crusade to end this, I actually say great. Then they can sit in bars with mostly men and reap the fruits of their misplaced anger.

        • mauispiderweb says:


        • longdvsn says:

          That’s irrelevant to the issue. The original comment (off topic from the OP…but a worthwhile discussion nonetheless) questioned the legality of this advertisement (and related, the idea of “ladies’ night”). Any differential pricing based on gender is discriminatory. If one owned an establishment, it doesn’t seem like it would be legal to run a promo for “White’s night” or preferential pricing for men – which could be justified in much the same way that ladies’ night is…to get more of that demographic into the establishment. This is the 21st century – we should be past discrimination by now (but obviously aren’t on a number of fronts).

          • RenegadePlatypus says:

            I was beginning to wonder why everyone ignores the obvious question. I know it’s not politically correct to even address this question, as doing so makes me a “racist”, but I don’t see that anyone is comfortable addressing “why is it OK to have a discount or promotion policy that favors a gender but not a race?” … I don’t believe that we should be “past discrimination” as it pertains to a private business offering discounts, I believe that private organizations should be able to discriminate however they see fit (Hooters for example only hiring women as servant sluts)…. I do however believe that if you allow a private organization to discriminate in terms of gender then they should also be able to discriminate in terms of race.

  12. penuspenuspenus says:

    Poll rigged? 100% for “Not until age 18” yet I didn’t vote for that. :p

    • klynda says:

      I noticed that too, after I voted and there was only about 1 minute since the article had gone up.

    • padarjohn says:

      I didn’t either, and it’s still at 100%

      Makes me wonder about the surprising results in the last WCA poll where EA supposedly beat out BofA and BP.

    • Smiling says:

      Me either.

    • mauispiderweb says:

      It could just be that, so far, everyone who’s voted, has voted “not until age 18,” which makes it 100% … right?

    • norska says:


    • CRCError1970 says:

      Depending on how the poll code deals with fractions of a percentage 100% could be a “correct” number.

      If 5000 people cast votes and less than 25 of them voted for an option other than “18”, the poll could very easily still be considered 100% if the poll rounds up at .5%.

      Without knowing the total votes cast, it’s hard to say.

  13. dush says:

    An ad with a 9 year old in a bikini jumping up and spreading her legs is disturbing enough.
    Then they say kids sit there and watch their mom get a bikini wax so to keep them from being bored they offer them to the kids?? Guh.

  14. ash says:

    The weird thing is that the girl in the picture does not look like she has gone through puberty.

  15. DoodlestheGreat says:

    What next, kindergarten vajazzling? Yeesh.

  16. CalicoGal says:

    Hold on, commenters!!

    NO WHERE in this ad does it mention bikini waxes!!! It just says “waxing”!

    I am not in agreement with this ad, but there are a lot of places on a gal’s body that can be waxed! Including eyebrows, upper lip, legs, arms….

    Just cuz the gal in the pic is jumping for joy over her presumably hair-free situation whilst clad in a bikini doesn’t mean that the ad in referencing intimate waxing

  17. Vermont2US says:

    Natural, safe and PLEASANT?????????

  18. Back to waiting, but I did get a cute dragon ear cuff says:

    Considering what I saw many girls wearing at my daughters 8th grade semi-formal dance, I assume many more than you dare think have this done.

    There were girls in mini dresses so tight you could tell they were wearing a thong teetering on 5″ stilettos.

  19. deadandy says:

    There are some incredibly ignorant comments in this thread about waxing. Since I know a woman who owns a salon that specializes in waxing, I’ll share a few tidbits that I’ve gathered from years of talking to her:

    1) The vast majority of women who get waxed are not doing bikini waxes. They are waxing areas that grow hair they simply don’t like, or have trouble shaving without hurting themselves, or get tired of shaving over and over. Eyebrows, lips, chins, forearms, etc. Women have been concerned with these areas long before the internet.
    2) A surprising number of men get waxed, often for the same reasons as women. They are trying to please their partners or look good on the beach, or they don’t like how hair feels in a certain place. As with women, most dudes are not getting their junk waxed–they are going in for areas that are hard to shave, like backs and shoulders.
    3) The pseudo-intellectual debate about who sets aesthetic standards didn’t begin and won’t end with body hair. For every guy I’ve ever heard saying leg hair on women is gross, I’ve heard a woman saying chest hair or back hair is gross. It’s not a gender thing–get over it. It’s the steady progression of aesthetic values in our society, and men and women are equally to blame.

    • penuspenuspenus says:

      Great post.

    • Reno Raines says:

      deadandy this is the best post here.

      I love how many posters are automatically jumping to waxing=sexual. This is another method of hair removal plain and simple. Would you stop your daughter from shaving her legs? This is no different.

      Isn’t it funny how people get offended when they don’t agree with a particular look or style that other people have embraced? It’s so much easier to blame “men” and “porn” for changing social norms.

      • crispyduck13 says:

        I love how many posters are automatically jumping to waxing=sexual.

        Because removing body hair is motivated by sexual attraction. I don’t care what anyone says, women in America shave/wax for 2 reasons: social norms, and because very few American men are into female hairiness a la Mo’nique

        When I was single, and it was cold out I would go months without shaving anything because no one else was going to see it. Now that I have a full time man and I want to look good for him at home I keep up with that shit. It is sexually motivated plain and simple.

        I think the thing that is riling people up is the salon’s expectation that girls under 15 would want to look attractive just as their mothers do. I don’t care if it’s popular or Susan’s daughters already wax their ass crack at 13, it’s inappropriate.

        • Reno Raines says:

          So you admit a reason is social norm. If it’s the social norm what does it matter how it’s accomplished? It’s just a method of hair removal. Waxing is no more sexual or non-sexual than shaving.

          You letting yourself go when single has nothing to do with the appropriateness of the offer.

          • crispyduck13 says:

            I did not make the argument that shaving was somehow better than waxing, it’s just another method to accomplish the same end. What I’m saying is that end is sexually motivated, and therefore is kind of gross to market specifically to girls under 15 years old.

            • deadandy says:

              You’re making a rather large and fallacious leap in logic here. I think we can all accept the axiom that aesthetics have a reasonable connection to sexuality. We all want to look good so people we’re attracted to will be attracted to us. But, there are other dimensions to aesthetics, including acceptance and social norms. How many girls are made fun of by other girls when they’re slow to adopt “normal” practices like shaving armpits and legs?

              By your logic, we should stop marketing anything at all to children that helps them look good, including fashion and makeup, because it’s related to sexuality.

            • Martha Gail says:

              Hairlessness != sex. I’m single and I shave my legs every day because I hate the way hairy legs feel when they touch and I’m trying to sleep and I cannot stand armpit stubble in the slightest.

        • JJFIII says:

          So why would you give a girl that age deodorant? Maybe we should let he have her natural aroma. I mean scent is for sexual attraction too? How about washing her hair, or cutting it? Maybe you think letting your kids become fat pigs is acceptable too? Waxing is not inappropriate any more than a hair cut for a 13 year old is. If it is something that is desired, the do it. For the record, I know of 100’s of boys who at ages well below the need to shave their face, would still get shaving “lessons” from their fathers, or took them to get a barber shop shave, even when one was not necessary. This was not “needed” , but in my mind is a tremendous bonding experience that a father and son can have. A daughter who sees her mother waxing, will likely want to follow her. THAT is as natural as anything in the world

    • Mambru says:


    • aloria says:

      Thank you.

      Most bikini waxes are NOT “everything off,” either.

  20. Starfury says:

    My daughter is 14. I’m not happy with the fact she’s shaving her legs. Getting waxed at that age is insane. Let kids be kids and not try to get them to be adults at such a young age.

    • RandomHookup says:

      I’ve always said the world is rushing to be 23 … from both directions.

      • I look at both sides of the story says:

        “I’ve always said the world is rushing to be 23 … from both directions.”

        That’s absolutely brilliant. I have to remember that line.

    • YouDidWhatNow? says:

      Kids have always striven to do what they see adults do…because they want to be “Grown up.”

      It’s all just a social inertia kind of thing…girls see women shaving their legs, so then the girls shave their legs. The girls see women waxing their whole bikini area clean, so then the girls want to do it too.

      Not any different with boys…who see their dads shaving their faces, so you have young boys with essentially no facial hair trying to shave their faces. And if you, as a father, did some man-scaping, your boy would probably catch on and want to do that too…

    • aloria says:

      I had thick leg hair at 12. As my mom learned, it’s a lot easier to just let your kid shave her legs than to console her every day after school because boys have started calling her “sasquatch.”

    • Powerlurker says:

      What does her age have to do with the appropriateness of shaving her legs? No one ever asks about that with regards to men and shaving their faces. It’s just something you do when the hair gets long enough to start needing it.

  21. mentok1982 says:

    Something is wrong with the poll. I chose “C’mon, aim at least at 16-year-olds.” and yet the results show that 100% of the people voted “Not until age 18.”

  22. tennesseemom says:

    As a mom of a 12 year old, she has strong Japanese/French genes and would have a thick uni brow and mustache if we didn’t wax. I haven’t had to deal with any other hair yet.

    • penuspenuspenus says:

      Googling “Hairy Japanese” on the work computer wasn’t a good idea.

      I can totally understand the French genes causing a hairy situation. Never heard of the hairy Japanese (other than crotch).

  23. crispyduck13 says:

    “We want them to celebrate freedom and independence all July when they go out with their Moms and experience this waxing treatment,” he said. “It goes along with our country.”

    What the…what??? What does that mean? Why is a waxed body part freedom (at age 15)? How does waxing young girls go along with our country? What the hell country is this douche from?

  24. mauispiderweb says:
  25. Kestris says:

    Kids are already growing up way too fast. Let them be kids when they ARE still kids, for cryin’ out loud.

    • penuspenuspenus says:

      Yep. Let those hairy 15-and-unders with unibrows, ridiculously hairy upper lips, or whatever hair someone can feel self-conscious about when going through the hell that is high school live with it.

  26. pgr says:

    Why not have them lay under a tanning lamp while your at it. Nothing like a nice young, tanned hairless …

  27. duncanblackthorne says:

    Keep being creepy, America.

    • penuspenuspenus says:

      Yep, how dare anyone try to alter something as simple as hair during those caring/loving/happy teen years where kids are perfect angels and never act heartless and cruel over stupid shit like a girl with hairy legs/arms, hair on upper lip, back, and so on.

      Because we all remember high school years as a super great time where no one is ever fucked with for any reason. But just continue thinking about crotch hair and ignore everything else.

  28. missminimonster says:

    This is kind of embarrassing, but I have PCOS and part of my symptoms is that I have some excessive hair growth in some places where men tend to. It’s been this way since junior high and I’ve been getting waxed since I was about 13. Granted it wasn’t a private area or my legs (and pressure to shave them started around age 11 for me, and I’m in my late twenties now).

    I guess I could see, then, maybe a bikini wax. Especially in a case like mine. But a full-out Brazilian is out of the question.

    • iblamehistory says:

      I don’t have PCOS or anything but I’ve always had a little bit of facial hair. I started shaving it in middle school when someone referred to my mustache (which wasn’t noticeable unless you were right in my face). But once I shaved, it grew back horribly and I ended up needing to shave daily, sometimes twice a day, through my early 20s. My chin became the main problem.

      I’ve only ever been professionally waxed once, and that was the first time my eyebrows were shaped. After that I just plucked them on my own. A few years ago I realized that I didn’t need to shave my face, but rather, I could wax and pluck things on my own. A couple times a week I use some run of the mill wax strips, and I pluck in between. I don’t have a ton of hair though, I’ve seen some ladies with PCOS that have a lot of it. Mine is just enough that my chin starts to look darker after a few days. I get rid of the hair because I simply hate how it feels when I touch my face.

      I used to work with a woman who was fairly hairy and her daughter, 15 at the time, very much took after her. She had a lot of facial hair, and her mom took her to get it waxed regularly, since the kid wanted it. That’s my thing–I’m having a daughter soon, and she will know that her body is very much her own. If she wants anything like this, we’ll discuss her reasons for it, and then she can decide. No permanent alterations like tattoos until it’s legal, so I mean, within the confines of the law, but I don’t want anyone including myself telling my daughter what she can and can’t do with her body. It’ll be my job to make sure she’s educated and empowered to make good decisions.

  29. ned4spd8874 says:


  30. bawkbawk says:

    Long time lurker posting here. After reading these comments, here are my two bits. The reason that this ad skeeves a lot of people out is not the fact that it addresses waxing in general for 15 year olds and under- it has to do with how waxing is done. The angling of the girl jumping puts the focus on her nether region in a bikini (as commenter maulspiderweb said), so it’s referencing bikini waxes. I don’t think anyone is saying that a 15 (or 14-, 13-, etc.) year old shouldn’t be getting rid of any type of body hair, that’s their decision. But at least with a razor, they are the ones to get to know their bodies and getting used to hairlessness. If you are a teen trying waxing at home, I think the main concern of parents is making sure you’re not hurting yourself or causing ingrowns and infections. With professional waxing however, you have to go into a salon and have an esthetician do it for you. Some salons have disposable underwear, some don’t use them. The point being that parents usually aren’t comfortable with strangers touching a young woman’s body in or by an intimate area that’s not a medical doctor. Or at least, if I had a daughter I wouldn’t be comfortable for this reason.

  31. anime_runs_my_life says:

    Part of the fun? Oh boy…

  32. IraAntelope says:

    I am probably out of the loop here, but do 15-year-olds even HAVE hair that needs waxing?

  33. Professor59 says:

    Pedobear approves.

  34. arcticJKL says:

    At whatever the age of consent is.

    • Skyhawk says:

      Why? They’re not having sex.

      Should they wait until the age of consent to see a gynecologist?

      • 2 Replies says:

        Age of consent TOTALLY applies.
        The girls won’t be waxing THEMSELVES, so someone else WILL be touching them there.
        Seems to just be BEGGING for “inappropriate touching” lawsuits.

        • 2 Replies says:

          (Additionally, there’s a HUGE difference between a licensed gynecologist and a just-over-broke waxer.)

  35. incident_man says:

    My take on this is that the service is targeted to an audience that is just simply too young. If it were, say for 16-18 year olds WITH parental consent and presence, then okay, no issue. If a 15 year old girl or under is requesting waxing services, there’s obviously something wrong that requires parental or medical attention, e.g. possible hormonal issues or the child is wearing a too-revealing swimsuit.

  36. cecilsaxon says:

    Really, I mean come on really?

  37. Mandi7882 says:

    This marketing campaign is inadvertently telling female consumers that if you are over 15, this beauty regime may not be for you, you are ancient, unappealing and not worthy of it. Women have enough self-esteem problems, this does not help. One can see that this is a cost measure for the salon as 15 year old females (or under) wouldn’t use that much product to get the work done than older teens or mature clients. Will this develop long term clients? At 12-15, these young women have the attention span for “fads” as gnats so it’s probably unlikely. At 16-18 years of age, they could be independent and make these decisions on their own because they’ll actually know what these decisions are about regarding their bodies, so using that as a marketing ploy is way off. There isn’t anything wrong with having young females ‘discover’ beauty regimes, but there is a big difference, for example, between discovering Bonne Bell starter make up or just diving into Chanel full palette at that age. However, there are young females that do experience more hair over their bodies between 12-15 years of age, and something like this will help them, but the it’s probably few and far between. Overall, it’s a campaign that has gone wrong in perception.

  38. Libertas1 says:

    Oh Uncle Paul…