Newegg: No, We’ll Totally Take Returns After You Install Linux

Yesterday, we shared the story of Norma, whose new Thinkpad notebook computer from Newegg had a serious display glitch after only a few days of use. She sent the defective computer back, only to be told that they wouldn’t exchange it because she had installed Linux. “This voids Newegg warranty,” the RMA department told her in an e-mail. “Unit cannot be accepted or resold as received.” We reached out to Newegg for clarification, and they told us that this is not their policy, and they do accept computers back after the operating system has been upgraded or changed. Yay?

Newegg’s Computer Standard Return Policy does not exclude a computer from being accepted for return if an operating system is modified or installed. We regret that this customer experienced difficulties in having her RMA processed and we have since taken the necessary steps to ensure that her issue is being properly addressed. Newegg’s top priority is, and has always been, to provide the best customer service possible. We remain committed to doing everything we can to accommodate our customers and their needs.

After we published the post, Newegg reached out to Norma and offered her an exchange for another computer, or a refund. She’s taking the refund.

I spoke with a “Public Image Professional” from Newegg who contacted me via email regarding my RMA. She immediately offered to replace the laptop or process a full refund, and I accepted the latter given all the issues I’ve had with them. I received an RMA confirmation telling me that it has been approved as a defective product return, and that I will receive a credit in 3-5 business days.

Thanks, Newegg, and let’s hope that no one has to get out the Internet pitchforks and torches to get your employees to follow their own policies from here out.

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