At Least No One At UPS Wants To Steal Verb Conjugation Posters

Should Lindsey feel violated that her UPS package was clearly opened and rifled through, or grateful that she was only ordering teaching supplies that the rifler apparently found unworthy of stealing? Or maybe the box was secured with particularly un-sticky tape. Whatever the case, this is what she received on her doorstep.

I recently ordered some specialty teaching supplies from Carlex. While they were set to be delivered the following Friday, there was a delay and the date was changed to the following week. That wasn’t a problem. The day it was due to arrive, I heard the ring at my door and opened it to what is seen in my photo – the box was already opened. The UPS Guy was already in his truck and left without an explanation.

There was no explanation on or in the box, either. I don’t know whether to feel relieved or slightly insulting that my set of educational posters and bathroom passes were not worth stealing – everything I bought was accounted for.

So what happened? Was the box particularly threatening? Did a deliveryman with sticky fingers decide partway through his theft that posters instructing on verb conjugations weren’t worth it? Who knows. Thanks, UPS!

Lindsey doesn’t really have a claim against UPS, since there’s nothing missing, but she should still let them and Carlex know what happened, armed with this photo.

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