Asking For More Sauce Could Possibly Get You Tossed Through A Restaurant’s Glass Door

A dearth of sauce is an unfortunate yet easily solved problem, which is why we’re not sure how an employee of a Chinese restaurant would get angry enough to throw a customer through a glass door over such a simple item. That’s what one woman claims happened when she “politely requested more sauce packets” for her takeout order.

According to Courthouse News Service, the woman is suing, claiming the worker became enraged over her request. She says it was her first time at the restaurant.

“Plaintiff’s request for more sauce packets caused [the employee] to become enraged and he came from behind the pick-up counter and attacked plaintiff,” the complaint states.

She says as the man continued to attack her, he pushed her outside through the glass front door and also somehow threw her through it, causing her to “severely injure her leg.”

The woman is seeking damages for battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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‘You Want Sweet and Sour With That?’ [Courthouse News Service]

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