Mom Ordered To Stay Away From Nordstrom For Leaving Kids In The Car To Shop

Endangering your kids to check out some great shopping? That didn’t fly with a judge in the San Francisco area. A new mom has been ordered to stay away from Nordstrom after leaving her 11-week-old twins inside her SUV while she was visiting the store in February. Once again — never leave your kids in the car, no matter the season.

The woman, 46, was arrested in February, after a concerned shopper spotted the twins in an Escalade in the mall parking lot and called security and the police. Prosecutors say video from security cameras showed the mom inside the store for about 40 minutes.
Prosecutors said security video showed she was inside the store for about 40 minutes.

The mom entered a no contest plea, and along with being banned from Nordstrom, will now have to pay a fine, take 26 parenting classes, attend counseling and let police drop in on her at random.

Her children weren’t hurt, so if the woman adheres to the agreement’s terms for the next two years, she won’t have a criminal conviction on her record.

One more time for good measure: Don’t leave your kids in the car. Ever.

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