Free Sample Contractor Arrested Following Fight In Crowded Walmart

You could cut the tension between two women, both working for a contractor hired to hand out free samples in Walmart, with a knife. All you’d need is a cutting board, which also happens to be the item at the center of a fight that ended with one woman in a fruit display and the other being arrested.

Atlanta’s Channel 2 has the video footage of the argument, in which one of the women approaches the other woman’s sample stand and appears to walk away with that woman’s cutting board after an argument.

That’s when things boiled over and the fight ensued.

“In this case the suspect lost her temper in the crowded Walmart and took it out on the person she was angry with,” a police department rep explains.

After pushing the woman into the fruit, a Walmart employee attempts to help the defeated woman while the other returns to her stand.

That didn’t last long, as she was soon arrested for simple battery.

“It is unacceptable. You hope that someone can control their temper a little bit better,” said the woman who was on the receiving end of the bad temper.

Walmart contractors get in fight over cutting board []

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