Court: Woman Can Keep The Mortgage Modification Bank Of America Said Was An Error

What happens when Bank of America offers a customer a mortgage modification then tries to foreclose on her home anyway? In the case of a New Jersey woman who was paying her mortgage when BofA claimed her modification offer had been an error, a court took her side, allowing her to keep her home.

The appeals court said it was puzzled why the lender would even try to foreclose on the woman, because she “unlike many, is actually paying her mortgage,” reports the Associated Press.

Sylvia made payments on her $591,913 mortgage as part of a loan modification program that Bank of America said she qualified for in March 2010.

Despite her consistent, timely payments, the bank claimed the letter of acceptance into the modification program was an error and that she was never supposed to get a permanent modification.

Too bad, said the court, as to “eventually pull the rug out” after having debtors make payments with the promise of a modification bordered on being “unconscionable.”

Bank of America, unconscionable? You don’t say.

*Thanks for the heads up, Pat!

Morris County woman who obtained mortgage modification can keep home, court rules [Associated Press]

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