Thieves Suck Dyson Vacuums Off Store Shelves, Onto Black Market

Despite the much-publicized Tide thefts earlier this year, the idea of massive theft rings targeting household cleaning supplies seems kind of weird. It shouldn’t. It makes sense that Dyson vacuum cleaners are an ideal target for thieves: they’re pricey, and their great brand recognition gives them an impressive black-market resale value. That’s why dirtbags are stealing Dysons by the warehouseful nationwide.

The Daily looked into the phenomenon, quizzing everyone from retailers on the ground to Dyson engineers about the products’ appeal to thieves. A vacuum retailing for $650 can sell for about $400, which isn’t bad for hot merchandise.

One notable thief near Chicago liked to grab a Dyson box and sneak out a fire exit into a waiting car, and kept up the profitable hobby for four years.

“We are aware that theft is occurring and we’re working aggressively with our retail partners to figure out new ways to prevent it,” a Dyson spokeswoman told The Daily.


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