All Irate Drunken Man Wanted Was To Check Manicure & Pedicure Off His Bucket List

Poor Charles. He’d been dreaming of knocking “Get a Manicure and Pedicure” off his life’s “Bucket List.” But instead he admitted to cops he got a bit too drunk, resulting in somewhat of an out-of-control situation involving police intervention to get him to leave the salon.

FOX 8 in Cleveland says Charles admitted to drinking about 12 alcoholic beverages before showing up at a local nail salon. According to the police report, he asked employees for a manicure and pedicure, offering $100 for the service. Employees informed him that the business was about to close so they wouldn’t be able to help him.

He then reportedly became upset, offering $300 and saying that a mani-pedi was on the list of things he wanted to accomplish before he dies and he really wanted his nails done right then.

He allegedly was holding a large amount of cash, with a bag that he said had $10,000 inside, in a bid to complete several items on his Bucket List that day.

Charles must’ve upset the workers, as the cops were called to try and get him to leave peacefully. He struggled briefly and was charged with resisting arrest, inducing panic and disorderly conduct. He was found guilty of the second and third charges, and the first was dropped.

Wonder if getting arrested was on that list as well?

Bucket List Bust: Man Arrested Over Mani-Pedi [FOX 8 Cleveland]

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