Customers Spot Signs That NYC Nail Salons Are Setting Themselves Apart After Reports Of Bad Work Conditions

After a recent two-part report earlier this summer that called out New York City nail salons for unfair treatment of workers and horrible work conditions across the city’s industry, some customers are spotting signs — literally — that there are businesses trying to set themselves apart from those bad actors.

One eagle-eyed Brooklyn resident Tweeted out a sign seen on the door of a nail salon in the Park Slope neighborhood, with the NYT’s headline about poor treatment in salons attached to it.

“We don’t do this!” the sign reads. “We are fair.”

All NYC nail salons are now required to post a Workers’ Bill of Rights where customers can see it, with officials asking consumers to question businesses about their practices before they decide to get a manicure or pedicure.

This makes us wonder — have you NYC readers noticed signs on any other salons decrying poor treatment of workers? Have you noticed either that the Workers’ Bill of Rights is prominently displayed, or on the other hand, have you looked for that document and found it missing?

Let us know if you’ve seen a change in any of the city’s 3,000+ salons you might’ve walked by or frequented recently — shoot Consumerist a line at

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