Woman Claims She Got A Mouthful Of Hairy Spider Surprise In Her Chef Boyardee Ravioli

Just a little warning to the weak stomachs out there: Don’t read this if you’re eating lunch or ever want to enjoy canned Italian cuisine ever, ever again. A woman in Florida claims she was chowing down on some Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli when she bit into an unexpected, disgusting surprise — what she calls a hairy-legged spider, hiding in a pocket of pasta.

“I spit it up…I screamed, rinsed my mouth out and I must have brushed my teeth till my teeth hurt,” the 48-year-old told Florida Today.

She’s contacted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and hopes they’ll take the grody remnants from her freezer and analyze it to see exactly what it was taking a bath in her tomato sauce treat.

The woman also says she called ConAgra, the producer of the ravioli, to complain and they dismissed her claim.

“They told me it was a figment of my imagination, the woman on the phone said they have people who call all the time and that it was just a piece of meat,” she said. “But this was a spider. You can see its legs. It’s in the middle of the noodle, it’s got eyeballs and big hairy legs. Now I love Chef Boyardee, I thought it was the best ever. I would buy 20 cans a week for 30 years. But will I eat it again? Not in this lifetime.”

Now ConAgra says it’s reviewing her case.

Our consumer affairs team has had conversations with [the woman], and we’d like to continue working with her to understand the situation,” said a spokeswoman for ConAgra. “If we could have the can, we could do a lab analysis of what she found. We take all consumer concerns very seriously. My understanding is that in our first conversation with [her], we apologized to her, explained our quality assurance procedures, and asked if we could pick up the can. We reached out to [her] yesterday, to see what further actions she’d like us to take, as she has not given us the product for testing.”

She’s not so convinced that either the company or the FDA is going to help her out, however.

“I dont think the FDA is really serious about this, I haven’t heard anything else from them. (ConAgra) said they want to get it but I’m not going to let them take it. They can take pictures but I’m probably going to get it tested myself,” she explained.

She says she’s got a terrifying history with spiders already, after a Brown Recluse bit her in her 20s, and this definitely doesn’t help her state of mind.

“I couldn’t sleep at all last night. Every time my hair brushed against me, I jumped,” she said, adding, “I’m so afraid.”

I would be, too. I would be, too.

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