Residents Of NY Town Face $1,000 Fines If They Fail To Mow Lawns

Most suburban neighborhoods have at least a handful of residents who just can’t be bothered to roll out the lawnmower and opt for the “natural” look on their yards. The problem has gotten worse in some areas hit hard by foreclosures. Now one town on New York’s Long Island has decided that folks who can’t maintain their lawns are deserving of thousands of dollars in fines.

According to 880-AM out of New York City, the village board of Massapequa Park village board passed a law yesterday that first-time offenders could be hit with $1,000 fines. If they continue to let their yards be overgrown, those fines could get as high as $10,000.

Town officials say this law was passed to keep property values from sinking in the area.

It’s not unusual for local municipalities to enact laws that fine homeowners for allowing homes to fall into disrepair, but penalties for lack of lawn maintenance are often left to homeowners associations and the like. And the $1,000 amount for a first offense is high even by many HOA standards.

One resident tells the radio station he’s not thrilled with the idea.

“I live here because people help each other out, not because they report each other,” he said. “If it’s an elderly couple that’s having problems maintaining their property, I think we should help them out. I don’t think we should fine them $1,000.”

Massapequa Park Passes New Law On Lawn Maintenance [WCBS 880]

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