Show Us How Much You Owe On Your Student Loan

On July 1, interest rates on federal Stafford student loans are set to double from 3.4% to 6.8%, and lots of lawmakers in Washington seem to agree that the rates need to remain low, they can’t come an agreement on how to pay for it, meaning millions of students could be caught in the crossfire — and millions more could be added to the spreading ocean of student debt.

In an effort to put a face to the issue, our cohorts at Consumers Union’s recently asked people to let Congress see just how much you owe on your student loan by sending in photos of themselves holding up messages to lawmakers with the amount still owed on their student loans.

The collected images are being added to the slideshow at the bottom as people submit them. If you’re interested, pose for a (family-friendly) photo with your student loan and e-mail it to

“Lawmakers care what their voters think,” writes CU. “Put a human face on the cost of a college education now and send a strong message to your elected officials.”

By submitting my photo to, I authorize Consumer Union to post my photo online. I verify that the image is of me, shot with my knowledge and permission. I understand that I am to receive no compensation for the use of this image. I give Consumers Union the right to use my image for the purposes of education, promotion or advertising the advocacy work of Consumers Union.

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