Redbox To Disney Over 28-Day Delay Rule: No Thanks, We’ll Buy Our Own Darn Copies Of ‘John Carter’

Redbox isn’t taking Walt Disney Studios’ 28-day delay policy on its DVDs sitting down, no siree. It’s cutting out the middleman and heading to retail outlets and the Internet, buying up copies of John Carter and stocking its kiosks instead of waiting 28 days to rent the flick.

Disney had said it wouldn’t sell any of its DVDs to rental outlets until 28 days after those movies go on sale, when it used to let everyone have them the same day they went on sale, says the Chicago Tribune.

Disney’s policy change started with The Secret World of Arrietty on May 22, but John Carter was such blockbuster disaster, everyone’s paying attention now. Which means people are actually going to be watching John Carter.

“We will be sourcing ‘John Carter’ through alternative means,” a Redbox spokeswoman confirmed, and the website says the movie will be available in kiosks June 12, a week after its on-sale date.

This isn’t the first time Redbox has taken to retail stores to stock its kiosks — it’s been doing that with Warner Brothers movies after the studio said it would withhold DVDs for 56 days after the on-sale date.

Meanwhile, Universal and Fox worked out deals that also employ the 28-day rule but give Redbox a hefty discount in exchange. Disney has no such discount deal.

Disney at war with Redbox over new DVD rental policy [Chicago Tribune]

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