Best Buy Music Department Cares About Your Guitar Very, Very Much

The surprising thing about this story isn’t that a reader received excellent customer service from a Best Buy store. No, we’ve seen that before. It’s that reader Cameron’s local Best Buy store has a full-service music department where you can get instruments repaired by actual professionals. When Cameron brought his guitar to his local store for restringing and repair, he expected just that: new strings and the specific adjustment he needed to the instrument’s neck. Instead, he got a fantastic restoration job on the now shiny, like-new guitar, and didn’t have to pay extra.

We’ve redacted the store location and employee’s name in case doing extra work for a customer and not charging for it could, in fact, get the stellar employee featured here in trouble.

I’ve seen Best Buy get a lot of negative press lately, so I wanted to take the time to give one of their employees some well-deserved recognition.

A couple weeks ago I took my guitar into my local Best Buy in [redacted], to get it restrung, and to get its action (the distance between the neck and the strings) raised. It was in their music department that I met [B]. I explained what I wanted to have done to it, and he told me that he would have it done by 5PM that night.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it into the store until the next morning, but when I did, my jaw dropped. Not only had B. done the required work, but he had completely polished and restored the entire guitar (it’s about four years old, so it was starting to show its age). He did all of this unprompted, and left me with a guitar that looks and sounds as good as the day I bought it.

As a different cashier was ringing me up (B. was not in that day), he commented that he couldn’t believe how much work B. had put into it, especially since he only charged me for new strings and the adjustment. This should have been over $150 of work easily, and he just charged me $30. He’s made me a customer for life, and I can’t say enough nice things about their department.

Evidently, the music counter has nothing to do with the Geek Squad. I had the same adjustment done on my acoustic guitar more than a decade ago, and it cost a lot more than $5. Maybe Cameron’s guitar is really, really beautiful and a pleasure to work on.

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