It's Not LivingSocial's Problem That Gun Range Is All Booked Up

On group deal site LivingSocial, Bob bought passes for a fun night at a nearby gun range. The problem is that he hasn’t been able to actually use them. Not because he hasn’t had time, but because after two visits to the range, they haven’t been able to let him in because the place is full or booked for leagues. Funny, the deal didn’t say anything about certain days being off limits. He tried to get a refund for these vouchers, but LivingSocial isn’t interested. Guess he’s stuck calling ahead to see if they might deign to let him in.

Got two coupons for a local gun range. Went to said range which said, “We’re too busy come back on a weekday”. Went back on a weekday and they said “League night, place is booked full”. Living social WON’T refund the money even though the coupon didn’t say anything about nights not honored etc.

Thanks for contacting us!
We’re sorry that this deal didn’t work out for you and understand that you would like us to refund your voucher. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend you a credit card refund or Deal Bucks credit because your request is outside our refund policy.

We’d like to help you avoid this issue should you wish to obtain a refund for another voucher in the future. For information about our Terms and Conditions, check out our help site article: What is your refund policy?

If you still have questions, please reply to this email. We’re happy to help!

Thanks for LivingSocial!

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NO idea what “outside of our policy” could even mean. I guess it means we have no policy? Beware of Living Social “deals”

“Outside of our policy” could mean anything if they won’t tell you what the policy is. Well, except for how the refund policy is posted on the site. (And linked in that e-mail.) If the vouchers were bought more than a week ago, the refund rule is pretty clear. It’s problematic if you purchase a deal for a place that stays in business, but won’t honor the deal.


Except as explicitly stated otherwise in the terms of a specific Deal, if You change your mind about purchasing a Deal, just write us at within seven (7) days of Your purchase and LivingSocial will refund the Paid Portion of any unredeemed Voucher to Your purchasing credit/debit card or other payment mechanism. In addition, LivingSocial will always honor your request for a refund of the Paid Portion of any unredeemed Voucher if the Merchant goes out of business before the promotional period expires.

Now, why they couldn’t take a sentence and actually say that in the e-mail to Bob is the real mystery here.

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