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(David Transier)

American Airlines Refused To Refund Ticket After Fourth-Grader’s Death

Following the death of their young daughter, an Illinois family couldn’t bear the thought of following through with a long-planned spring break trip, so they asked American Airlines to refund the ticket purchased in their daughter’s name. While airlines have varying policies regarding refunds and deaths, the family says they were shocked when the airline refused the refund. [More]

It's Not LivingSocial's Problem That Gun Range Is All Booked Up

It's Not LivingSocial's Problem That Gun Range Is All Booked Up

On group deal site LivingSocial, Bob bought passes for a fun night at a nearby gun range. The problem is that he hasn’t been able to actually use them. Not because he hasn’t had time, but because after two visits to the range, they haven’t been able to let him in because the place is full or booked for leagues. Funny, the deal didn’t say anything about certain days being off limits. He tried to get a refund for these vouchers, but LivingSocial isn’t interested. Guess he’s stuck calling ahead to see if they might deign to let him in. [More]