It's National Doughnut Day, So Get Your (Possibly) Free Doughnuts

It’s the first Friday in June, which all good Americans know means it’s National Doughnut Day. So it’s time to score some free grub, though possibly with a catch or two.

For instance, Dunkin Donuts is offering free donuts but only if you purchase any sort of beverage at the store.

Meanwhile, Krispy Kreme says no purchase is necessary to get a free doughnut of “any variety,” but some people have been complaining on the company’s Facebook page that their local KKs are being very specific about what “any variety” means.

Tim Hortons is offering a free doughnut “with any purchase,” but you’re supposed to “like” the chain’s Facebook page in order to get the coupon.

And of course, all of these promos include the caveats of “while supplies last” and “at participating locations,” which means you may walk into your local store and found that they just don’t want to give out any more free stuff — or that they don’t honor National Doughnut Day.

Please share your National Doughnut Day success and/or horror stories in the comments.

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