Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds

Here are ten of the best photos that readers added to The Consumerist Flickr Pool this week, picked for usability in a Consumerist post or just plain neatness.

French Kid Eating a Big Burger at Le Progrés - Montmartre, Paris
(#2: ChrisGoldNY)

Jumping Ohana Women - 3#3

Loans Sign - 47th Street Diamond District, Manhattan NYC
(#4: ChrisGoldNY)

the hotel pool
(#5: frankieleon.)

"It is not possible for civilization to flow backwards while there is youth in the world." Helen Keller
(#6: Foto_di_Signorina)

Head on(#7: bradhoc)

Cows Eating at Sunset
(#8 Jeremy_Schultz)

May 28, 2012 - Junk Of The Hearts
(#9: guidedbycthulhu)

Neon donuts sign

Our Flickr Pool is the place where Consumerist readers upload photos for possible use in future Consumerist posts. Just be a registered Flickr user, go here, and click “Join Group?” up on the top right, and start hitting “send to group” on your individual photos you want to add to the pool.

Add your shots to The Consumerist Flickr Pool, and perhaps they’ll be featured in a future story, or even highlighted in a Friday Consumerist Flickr Pool Finds post. See previous winners of the Friday Consumerist Flickr Pool finds here.


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  1. Foot_Note says:

    #9.. cat toy! my cat has oodles of those.. all over the place…. even in my sneakers… ;)

  2. AtlantaCPA says:

    Number 3 has a copyright symbol and name, does that mean anything for Consumerist or is media exempt from having to get permission to use a photo? Genuinely curious here.

    • LightningUsagi says:

      Since the person who took the photo entered it into the pool, I think that means they give the Consumerist permission to use it.

    • Laura Northrup says:

      People put watermarks on photos in case they’re stolen and reposted elsewhere with no links.

      Submitting photos to our pool gives us permission to use them on the site. We do tend to avoid pictures with watermarks unless they’re super neat.

  3. That guy. says:

    #10 – It’s National Donut Day! I went to D&D for my coffee and they gave me a free donut.

  4. That guy. says:

    Are Rita’s (#1) in places other that New Jersey?

  5. incident man stole my avatar says:

    #1 looks like Ellicott City, MD– Frederick Road and St. John’s Lane… former home to a bank that crashed and burned during the first S&L crisis back in the 80’s

  6. TB says:

    Ok that’s freaky. The first picture (of the Ritas) is a mile from my house.