Jennie-O Reverses Grocery Shrink Ray To Add 10% More Fat Back In To Turkey Franks

Here we thought the grocery shrink ray only worked one way, but Jennie-O is blowing our minds with a subtle reversal of the ray, turning it into a zapper that adds 10% of the fat back in to its turkey franks.

The grocery shrink ray is a stealthy little weapon, turning everything from Lunchables to round Saltines into smaller versions of themselves, sold for the same price as the original larger offerings.

But as our reader J.G. notes, this time, Jennie-O is no longer offering turkey franks that are 50% less fat than USDA data for beef franks, but are now a bit fattier, at only 40% less fat.

Suppose this calls for a new term, Grocery Biggening Ray? Grocery Expanding Ray? We’ll work on it.

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