Amazon To Collect Sales Tax, Build Distribution Center In New Jersey

One by one, the number of states where Amazon does not collect sales tax continues to shrink. New Jersey Governer Chris Christie has announced that the e-tail giant will not only begin collecting sales tax in the Garden State, but will also open a distribution center there.

According to the Newark Star-Ledger, Amazon won’t begin the collection of NJ sales taxes until July 1, 2013, so everyone in the state has a year to keep track of their Amazon purchases to make sure they are paying taxes on them when they file their return next spring.

Amazon and the state have already been in talks about working together to construct two 1.2 million sq. ft warehouses in NJ, most likely in the central New Jersey counties of Middlesex or Mercer.

“That’s OK, but it doesn’t mean a lot unless it actually happens,” said one skeptical lawmaker.

The New Jersey deal isn’t dissimilar to the one Amazon made with Texas. There, the company said it would make about $200 million worth of capital investments and create about 2,500 jobs. to begin collecting sales tax on N.J. orders next year []

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