Parts Of A Broken Air Canada Jet Engine Rain Down Toronto Suburb

While it wasn’t so bad as say, an entire engine falling on a house a la Donnie Darko, a Toronto neighborhood was sprinkled with falling parts from an Air Canada Boeing 777 on Monday. Cars were hit but no passengers or people on the ground were harmed by the reportedly hot chunks of blackened metal raining from the sky.

The Toronto Star says the flight was carrying 318 passengers to Narita, Japan, when one of the two engines shut down. The plane then made an emergency landing at Pearson International Airport about an hour and a half after takeoff.

The gut-wrenching feeling of hearing silence from an engine 15 minutes into the flight warned one passenger that something was wrong.

“That’s when I grabbed my chair. ‘Oh, crap am I going to fall?” he told the paper.

Air Canada says it’s unsure why the engine died.

“Aircrafts are designed to fly with one engine and our pilots are trained to fly in such occurrences,” said Peter Fitzpatrick, a spokesperson from Air Canada.

Residents on the ground called the police, reporting that pieces of metal coming from the sky had damaged their cars, but cops say no one was hurt.

A police constable said there were ambulances on the scene just in case people couldn’t handle the metal rain.

“People could be hyperventilating or have a heart attack. We have ambulances there just in case,” she said. “I’d be freaking out if it were me.”

Air Canada plane makes emergency landing at Pearson amid reports of falling debris [Toronto Star]

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