Truck Spills 55,000 Pounds Of Bottled Beer On The Ground, None Is Passed Around

Quick, get out your straws and empty your pitchers! A big rig traveling in Florida near Daytona Beach was carrying 55,000 pounds of bottled beer when it overturned, spilling all that foamy, alcoholic liquid onto the road.

As CBSMiami notes — “There was so much beer on the road, workers could have gotten drunk just cleaning it up.”

While we’re not sure workers should go around drinking spilled beer, there were plenty of broken bottles of Heineken and Amstel to gather up and dispose of.

“I was tripping out when I seen the truck full of beer I was like ‘wow man.’ There was a lot of broken bottles and everything. I don’t even drink,” said one clean-up worker.

The driver says he lost control of the tractor trailer early on Monday morning when another truck in front of him swerved. However, state troopers say there were no other skid marks on the road or witnesses to corroborate his tale.

It took crews about seven hours to clear the broken glass and beer from the more than 4,000 cases in the truck –Â all told, worth about $50,000. A few cases managed to make it through whole, and will be sent back to the vendor.

Big Rig Loaded With Beer Overturns On Fla. Highway [CBS Miami]

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