Which Is Worse: Using Your Daughter To Shoplift, Or Abandoning Her At The Police Station?

It’s bad enough to involve your 11-year-old daughter in a shoplifting scheme, but to then refuse to pick her up from the police station after you get away? That’s more than bad parenting. That’s just mean.

Police in Troy, Mich. say a team of four people stole clothing from an Old Navy store in a a plan involving the mom, her daughter, a young boy and a 61-year-old woman, reports ABC7’s WXYZ.com. They allegedly split up to grab items and stow them in purses before leaving two at a time without paying.

Security managed to nab the 61-year-old woman and the girl, who had $123.95 worth of stolen goods in her purse.

She told cops her mom gave her the purse and told her what to do, and to meet her at the car. Police were able to figure out how to find the mom — her info was in the purse, as it appeared to be hers.

When cops called her to pick up her daughter, she denied ever being at the store and refused to come to the station. Later, she admitted she lied because she was afraid but still wouldn’t turn herself in.

An aunt ended up bringing the girl home later that night.

11-year-old girl gets busted for shoplifting for her mom and then mom refused to get her from police [ABC 7 WXYZ.com]

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