What Peeves You Most When You Eat At A Restaurant?

Most of the time when you go out to a restaurant, you’re not only paying for food, but also for service and ambiance. So even if the meal was perfectly prepared, there are still plenty of things about which diners feel justified to complain.

Over at the San Francisco Chronicle, food and wine editor Michael Bauer recently listed his 10 biggest pet peeves about restaurant dining.

Some of Bauer’s complaints are pretty universal — restaurants that refuse to seat parties until everyone is there; excessively loud music — while others — mismatched flatware; food in bowls that should be on a plate — may strike some as a bit nitpicky.

That’s why we want to hear what actually annoys you, the folks who aren’t professionally reviewing restaurants, the most when you go out for a bit to eat. So sound off in the comments!

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