My Dad's Neighbor Ate His Delicious Birthday Steaks, Omaha Steaks Fixes My Error

Kara is a totally great daughter, which is why she sent her dad a box of Omaha Steaks for his last birthday. She isn’t as great at typing in his address, though, and the box had been delivered to a neighbor’s house. This neighbor quietly signed for and ate $70 worth of gift meats. While the good news is that Omaha Steaks went above and beyond, correcting Kara’s error and sending replacements, this still means that her dad has to live next to some jerk who ate his birthday present. Maybe this neighbor will invite him over for an incredibly awkward barbecue.

I sent my dad some delicious steaks from Omaha Steaks for his birthday last week and forgot about it. Today, four days after they should have showed up, he called saying he never got them. I double checked the order to see if I had the wrong address or something and, sure enough, the street address was off by one number. Totally my fault! However, this means that the person who received the steaks (the address is right across the street) kept them and never said anything.

UPS tracking shows they were delivered on 5/18 to their front door. I e-mailed Omaha Steaks to see if they can help at all but I don’t hold out much hope. It was my own stupid mistake and I’m prepared to eat the $70, I just would think that a neighbor would see a package with somebody else’s name and an included birthday message, and at the very least call the company it came from. Oh well. Any suggestions? Do I have any recourse since somebody received and kept a package with somebody else’s name on it?

The next day, we got this update:

OH hey, update! Omaha Steaks e-mailed me back and is sending a
replacement package! awesome! Here’s what they sent me:

Dear [Kara],

Thank you for contacting Omaha Steaks. We sincerely apologize for
this inconvenience.

Your replacement package is scheduled to deliver to [Dad’s address], on
Wednesday, May 30th.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service. If there is anything else we
can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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