Zynga-Branded AmEx Prepaid Card Lets You Earn FarmVille Cash In The Real World

This site does not, in general, approve of Zynga’s freemium addiction-based gaming model or fee-laden prepaid debit cards. So we are amused and slightly dismayed to bring you the news that AmEx and Zynga have teamed up to bring a Farmville points rewards card into the world. Fill up your card, spend the money, earn points to buy in-game stuff. How could this product possibly go wrong?

In the press release announcing the card, Zynga founder and CEO is quoted saying:

We’re excited to partner with American Express to invent new ways for people to experience Zynga play in more parts of their day. Together we can add surprise and delight to everyday shopping.

If you use this card at an actual farmer’s market, the universe may very well implode.


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  1. Coffee says:

    This is a serious question. Do people actually still play Farmville? Or more specifically, who plays Farmville?

    • Lethe says:

      My sister-in-law certainly does. Her 4 year old apparently keeps her too busy to get a job, but not busy enough to keep her from posting farmville (and other zynga game) updates 20 times a day on FB.

      • Coffee says:

        Ah…hey…don’t you belittle her contribution to the relationship! You don’t know it, but what she does is way, WAY harder than what your brother does, and if you can’t appreciate that, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you >:(

        • Lethe says:


          I know you’re being sarcastic, but when I picture my S-I-L, I picture the woman from The Guild who’s glued to her computer all day while her kid is fenced in with a couple toys and a bottle of ketchup.

    • Blueskylaw says:

      Here are some problems current Farmville users are having:

      option to travel to my home farm from winter farm will not load so I can harest my crop…better not be wilted in the morning (later now)

      I have not been able to get on my farm in Farmville. I am getting behind on my Quest’s. I am able to click on gifts to receive, but am unable to go to the farm to use them. What’s up? It has been 5 days. Just about ready to quit game. Love playing…but…getting too far behind the other neighbors on the Farm.

      I cannot send gifts, I cannot move from farm to farm and the farm that loads doesn’t completely load HELP!!!!!

      I cannot get on Farmville why please fix

      Nothing is posting that I needPLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX. Can not get an quest finish because of this.

      I sold a few things on the farmville flea market, my items are now gone but I dont have the FV cash. I would like my items back or the cash I’m owed thanks

      hawaii paradise my crops are not loading, i lost 3 crops

      facebook is starting to piss me the fo. come on i want to play my farm, iam not on level 100 for nothing. FIX THE DAM THING

      i cant harvest .it get stuck

      Vivianne Hansson

      Hi, I can not put new plants or open my gift box, or sharing, what can you do about this?

      I would like to report a cheat.. this person is adverstising on her page how to get a huge number of coconuts

      During existing problems with Zynga, my FARM CASH disappeared, as well as my nursery barn!!!!! Cows no longer need harvesting…………H E L P

      • Coffee says:

        Oh. my. God. I didn’t know that Farmville was such srs bsnss…I should probably stow it so I don’t look like a dismissive fool going forward (yeah, right…*snerk*).

        • Blueskylaw says:

          I wonder if you can correlate a persons
          intelligence with what they do in their spare time?

          • Coffee says:

            And I immediately wonder where masturbation falls in the intelligence spectrum. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s highly correlated with brilliance.

          • akiri423 says:

            I play. It passes my increasingly dull work days.

            • Blueskylaw says:

              May I suggest a good book? At least you learn things while passing your incredibly boring day.

    • CommonSense(ಠ_ಠ) says:

      I dont get the point as kinds under 10 cant get a credit card.

  2. framitz says:

    Sometimes when I was in the Military we had no choice but to use American Express. The service was so bad we called it ‘American Excuse’.

    This just makes them look even worse than they actually are (horrible).

    • CommonSense(ಠ_ಠ) says:

      Actually amex is a great credit card.
      I have had them for 10 years and have had to do 4 chargebacks for fraud vendors. They give you your money back instantly.
      I dont see how amex is bad.

      The best though is capital one. They have 0 international fees and their free points are easily applied to anything I have already purchased. I can buy a flight through any website and then when the its time the bill I can use the points to pay for that flight.

  3. NoDavidOnlyZuul says:

    I stopped playing when they started introducing even more crops and assorted items into the game. It just became tedious and not fun after a while. I haven’t played it in a couple of years now.

    • MathMan aka Random Talker says:

      Then delete the app if you haven’t already. Currently Zynga has access to anything you’ve ever posted / downloaded / ever done on facebook. When you check that box saying you’ve read and agree to the “user agreement” that’s basically what you’re giving Zynga or ANY app access to.

  4. crazydavythe1st says:

    I know Zynga is supposed to be evil and that prepaid debit cards are supposed to be evil, but this really doesn’t seem as evil as it could be.

    Looking at the fees for a Serve card (which the Zynga one is):

    Person-to-person money transfers are free
    Transfers to and from subaccounts are free
    Purchasing online and in stores with the Serve card is free
    There are no load fees for funding your account via your checking account
    The first ATM withdrawal each month is free; after that it’s $2.00***

    After June 1, 2012, there will be fees for:

    Funding your Serve account with a credit card (2.9% of the amount transferred + $0.30 per transfer)
    Getting cash from an ATM (first withdrawal per month is FREE***; after that, it’s $2.00)

  5. Blueskylaw says:

    “We’re excited to partner with American Express to invent new ways for people to experience Zynga play in more parts of their day. Together we can add surprise and delight to everyday shopping.”

    Facebook said that their business adds about $12,000,000,000 in added value to the economy (from such entities as Zynga and the people they employ). Sounds good, right? Well another study says that the amount of time wasted at work everyday looking at Facebook and playing games like Zynga and Farmville costs the economy about $264,000,000 a DAY, or $96,360,000,000 a year. So essentially Facebook DRAINS roughly $84,360,000,000 from the economy every year.

  6. ungeheier says:


  7. C. Ogle says:

    The problem with Zynga’s games, as well as all fremium games, is you can’t have long-term growth by praying on gullible people. Eventually they will discover the game is a scam and move on, no matter how addicted they get. That means you either have to keep releasing new games every few weeks with paid content that only becomes obvious and necessary after you are hooked and too heavily invested in your character to quit; or else you try to focus on rewarding the big spenders and punishing the freeloaders to try to encourage them to invest more.

    Either way, none of it is designed to encourage fair or balanced gameplay, it’s all about getting the user to whip out a credit card to get that perk.

  8. Kuri says:

    I’ll be sticing with Mastercard, mostly because my Credit union issues Mastercard.

  9. coffee100 says:

    You swing at the eggplant. You miss

    The eggplant hits you for 74561 damage. You are stunned.

    You are affected by eggplant stun.

    The eggplant gains enrage.

    The eggplant hits you for 698412 damage. You explode into small bite-sized chunks.

    A small dog runs off with your right buttock.

    $15 please

    • Princess Beech loves a warm cup of treason every morning says:

      Farmville Mafia?

      Although this reminds me more of Drug Lord. :P

  10. ThinkingBrian says:

    I quit playing FarmVille and not only other Zynga games, but others games on Facebook like this at the end of last year and I haven’t looked back. I believe that fade has passed. I only play Angry Birds (on Facebook and Android via an App) and games I own.

    With that said, Zynga is trying to make money off of these games and this is just another way for them to make money and players on these games to spend money even with points.

  11. eezy-peezy says:

    I will stick to my free hotel rooms from Hilton Honors, thanks.

    • CommonSense(ಠ_ಠ) says:

      Who wants to stay in an overpriced hilton?
      Ill stay at any hotel I want for free with my capital one card which also has 0 international fees.

  12. Rocket says:

    Really? Really?

  13. Starfury says:

    I play a game that recently went free to play. They sell “stuff” like weapon/armor skins for real money. One thing they also sell is items that let you upgrade your gear and not have the upgrades fail.

    While I realize this is not ‘real’ stuff it’s worth a few $$ to me to be able to do the upgrades and not have the 4th one out of 4 fail resetting the item back to the base level.

    But there’s no way I’d pay for any of the Zynga games.