Slapping A Loudmouth 10-Year-Old Is Not The Best Way To Get Him To Shut Up In A Movie Theater

What happens when two bad consumers come in conflict with each other in dimly lit movie theater? One ends up with a bloody nose and lost tooth, while the other faces assault charges.

Authorities in King County, Washington, have filed felony assault charges against a local 21-year-old man accused of slapping a 10-year-old kid in the face because he and his buddies wouldn’t shut up during a movie.

Back on April 11, the man and his girlfriend were trying to enjoy a night out at the movies — the film isn’t named, so we’re just going to imagine it was The Lorax — but apparently the 10-year-old and his group of friends were feeling rambunctious and kept talking and throwing popcorn around the theater, some of which landed on the couple.

According to the youngster, the man climbed over the seat and said something like, “You know what, I paid a lot of money to see this movie.”

The man says he asked the whippersnappers to clam up but they only laughed at him, so he allegedly lashed out physically at one of them.

“I got so mad that it just happened,” the man is quoted as telling the police afterward.

The man says he didn’t realize the kid was barely into his double-digits.

The detective investigating the incident says that when the man was asked if he knew the recipient of the slap was only 10 years old, he “hung his head down and said he thought the person was a grown man.”

Man charged with slapping loud kid in Kent theater []

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