Before You Get A Prepaid Debit Card, Consider These Alternatives

If you’re burned out on credit cards and considering trying a prepaid debit card to get a handle on your finances, you may want to think again. Shelling out regular fees to access your own money will get old and seem wasteful, so it pays to look out for other options.

Twenties Hacker suggests these ways to use plastic without having to play the credit game:

* Credit unions. These institutions pride themselves on being a more customer-friendly option than banks, and many offer no-fee debit cards that let you access your accounts.

* Online banks. Banks that aren’t burdened by the brick-and-mortar overhead of the monoliths tend to offer more attractive savings rates, as well as lower fees and minimum balances. The post recommends a pair of financial institutions to try.

Another alternative is just to do things as they did in the olden days and use cash exclusively. Do this, though, and you lose the ability to shop online. If you’re having trouble corralling your spending, that might not be such a bad thing.

Alternatives To Prepaid Debit Cards [Twenties Hacker]

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