Ohio Man Selling $1000/Cup Kool-Aid To Raise Money For Doctor Bills

When life hands you three bouts of pancreatitis, gall stones, a cholecystectomy, and possibly kidney stones, you make incredibly expensive lemonade in the hopes that some generous folks will pay — and that the local news will pick up your story.

And while an Ohio man hasn’t succeeded in raising much money to help pay his medical bills, he did manage to get the local Fox affiliate to cover his story.

The man, who has worked as a bartender for 15 years, says he hasn’t been able to put in the hours since he became sick, so he’s now facing a mountain of debt on top of his health concerns.

He tells WJW-TV that even if he sold 19 drinks at the full price, he’d only be about halfway toward paying off what he owes the hospital.

After his first day, the man had helped quench the thirst of a few customers — to the tune of $5.50.

Man Sells $1,000 Drink to Pay for Medical Bills [fox8.com]

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