Changing My Last Name At Marriage Means I Can't Fly

Drawing conclusions from our mailbox here at Consumerist’s virtual HQ, no one in the United States ever changes their last name when they get married. Or dies. Both events result in such confusion at some companies that it’s clear they have never encountered them before. That’s clear from Claire’s experience booking a flight after her name change. She was already a Delta customer, so they used the name that was in their system and said they could change it later. This was not, strictly speaking, possible.

Delta has not figured out when someone gets married, how to change their name. I submitted for a name change request (which they required I do via paper so I had no trail) and booked my ticket. They said I needed to book under the name in their system but I could change it later. Turns out, that is wrong.

After they approved my name change (nearly 3 months later) I was told to just fly with my marriage certificate. Except, when I get to TSA, they tell me it’s illegal. My ticket must show my current name.

So I go back to the Delta counter and yet they won’t change it. So wait? Delta won’t change it and I can’t get through TSA?

What am I supposed to do?

The lady told me it was my fault and I should have booked under my legal name….except that was not what the original delta rep told me.

I asked what was I supposed to do? Delta said, “There is nothing you can do….but when you fly with us next time, book under your correct name”

Now I am trying to book another ticket and they still won’t let me! My account with Delta shows my correct last name, but I guess I cannot fly with Delta any longer because I will be rejected by TSA.

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