School Fined $15,000 Because Bookstore Sold Soda During Lunch

A high school in Utah says it won’t be able to pay for some of its arts programs this year because it’s been hit with a $15,000 federal fine after the school’s bookstore was caught allegedly selling soda during lunch time.

“Nobody realized our bookstore also sold carbonated beverages,” the school’s principal tells KUTV in Salt Lake City.

And while the principal admits that an error was made, he feels that the rule banning the sale of sodas and candy “is vague and open to interpretation. For example, the way the rule reads -= you can buy before lunch starts a carbonated beverage, buy school lunch, sit down in the cafeteria, eat the school lunch and not be in violation.

“You can sell Snickers and Milkyway bars because they have nuts and they’re nutritious. You can’t sell licorice, but you can sell ice-cream.”

He is also concerned that these rules will have students simply bringing in more outside food — or venturing off-campus to purchase the items they want at grocery stores and gas stations.

In the meantime, the school has unplugged all vending machines, lest they face additional fines of $.75/student lunch.

Davis High Fined $15,000 For Selling Soda []

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