Walmart Customer Goes In For Oil Change, Drives Away With 'Satanic Symbols' On Car

This could be the auto service equivalent of rude receipt messages. A woman in Texas says that a recent trip to Walmart for an oil change resulted in devilish markings being left behind on the underside of her vehicle.

The woman says that during her last visit to Walmart, a helpful employee pointed out to here that someone has written “666,” followed by what appears to be an upside-down crucifix and a pentagram, in sealant.

“Who does that? Being the Satanic symbols, it puts a bad omen. I mean, what if it’s a curse?” the customer asked CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

The employee figured that it had likely happened during the woman’s previous oil change, as the sealant used is the exact same color as that used at Walmart.

“He had an attitude,” the customer says about the Walmart worker who she believes is responsible for the writing. “Very sassy. By the time it was all said and done, I spent about three hours at that Walmart just for an oil change.”

A Walmart rep tells CBS:

We’ve looked into the matter. And although we’ve been unable to confirm the details, we never want our customers to have an unpleasant experience. And we’ve reached out to the customer and will continue to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, the customer says she will take Walmart up on its offer to have the marking scraped off.

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