Delayed Air Canada Passengers Pass Time With Free In-Plane Concert

Being stuck on a delayed, crowded plane — even for a short period of time — can be an ordeal. But for Air Canada passengers waiting on the tarmac to take off for their flight to Bucharest, they were lucky (or perhaps unlucky, depending on your taste in music) to be traveling with members of the Lemon Bucket Orkestra.

Taking advantage of the 20-minute delay at Toronto Pearson International Airport, decided to break out their instruments and perform a brief, impromptu concert for their fellow passengers, some of whom seemed to really enjoy it; a few of whom looked like they would rather have been reading the in-flight safety guide in peace.

Check out the video below and decide for yourself whether this is something airlines should encourage:


Thanks to Chris for the tip!


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  1. Warren - aka The Piddler on the Roof says:

    Buddy, if you bump me in the head one more time with that trombone I’m gonna ram it RIGHT UP YOUR ASS!

  2. Darrone says:

    Definitely Canada. US flight attendants would have gone on a power trip, insisted they were noise terrorists, and had them escorted from the flight by Feds.

  3. MutantMonkey says:

    So cool, but unfortunately if this happened in America you would have had a bunch of people bitching about the “noise” and likely a tackle or two.

    • TheMansfieldMauler says:

      And rightly so.

    • msbask says:

      One those guys is playing a trombone two feet from someone’s head in an enclosed space. Have you ever had a trombone played essentially in-your-face? Not pleasant.

  4. NightSteel says:

    I love this idea! Even if you don’t like this (or any) particular act, you have to admit it’s kind of a cute way to pass the time. I don’t think I’d want to listen to this act all day, but I definitely smiled at this video.

    • RadarOReally has got the Post-Vacation Blues says:

      Still, would you want to be the poor person whose ear is RIGHT at the horn of the trombone?

  5. Gman says:

    Man I wanna be the clapping guy. I so can do the clapping part.

  6. who? says:

    I was in a singing group that did that once. We were stuck on the tarmac, so we got up and sang a song. Not so sure about the rest of the passengers, but the flight attendants loved it, so we ended up doing half of our first set for them.

    Alas, it was before the days of youtube.

    • Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

      We were on a flight with a high school choir from Oakland, CA and they sang for us. It was awesome! When I am a billionaire, I will have my own choir on my jumbo jet.

  7. j2.718ff says:

    A friend of mine is a professional entertainer. He was traveling, flight was significantly delayed, and he was stuck at the terminal (not on board a plane) for several hours. There was a huge line of unhappy customers waiting to speak to customer service.

    So, he happened to have lots of balloons with him, so he started making balloon animals for anyone who wanted one. This significantly lightened the mood. Some people were even offering to pay/tip him, which he politely refused.

    A representative from the airline saw this, came up to him, and demanded that he stop immediately. He did, and everyone in line returned to their original grumpy demeanor.

  8. Smiley Massacre says:

    Is that Thor playing the sax? Who knew!

  9. Murph1908 says:

    Hope that trombonist’s spit valve was tight.

    As a former boner, I would certainly not have wanted to be the guy sitting in front of him for a number of reasons.

    I didn’t watch the full video, but from the screenshot, it looks as if the people in the back of the plane are enjoying the show. Those sitting right in front of the performers, not so much.

  10. kaplanfx says:

    It sounds like Klezmer music :(

  11. Nobby says:

    In the U.S. they would have paid a $XX instrument transportation fee and been added to the no-fly list for playing a possible terrorist rally tune. Or something.

  12. AustinTXProgrammer says:

    I had a relative that entertained a planeload stuck on the tarmac for a NY to London flight in the 80’s and got gratis Concord tickets for it. That would never happen today even if they still flew those.

  13. Sweet Revenge says:

    ok, I have to ask…..exactly what form of “entertainment” was this? That’s one helluva Thank You gift they got for it!

  14. Kestris says:

    Ok that’s just awesome.

  15. Golfer Bob says:

    I’m surprised they were allowed to carry these on and not be forced to gate check the cases.

    • GoJints says:

      Don’t know a musician worth his spit valve that would check their instrument. Can’t take a chance it ends up in Baden Baden instead of Boston or Bucharest

  16. maxamus2 says:

    I always hate it when a band breaks out in music when I’m trying to talk on my cell phone, LOL.

    But seriously, all you USA haters, they would be just as well accepted here on a flight in the US.

  17. Pete the Geek says:

    Awesome. If I was stuck somewhere, I sure would certainly appreciate musicans’ efforts to entertain.

  18. LMA says:


  19. gman863 says:

    It’s OK to have an accordion player on a flight, but they kick off frisky lesbians.

    What is this world coming to?

  20. GoJints says:

    Needs to be added as a standard option for all delayed flights. At least you would be entertained while waiting for 3 hours on the tarmac. (Good for them for performing – probably got a few people to go to their concert once they landed in Bucharest!)