For Some Reason The Idea Of Cat Tongue Candy Is Less Than Appetizing

How about biting into a nice chocolatey piece of candy resembling a rough cat tongue suitable for licking up hair and dirt from a furry pelt? Yum? We’re always amazed at what companies come up with that somehow made it first into the “Yes!” bin of ideas and then end up on store shelves. Cat Tongue candy, you might be the weirdest thing yet.

Shannon found herself face to face with Lenguas de Gato at a gift shop in the Los Cabos Aeropeurto in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She notes, “I did not try it or buy it. I was too repulsed by the idea of a chocolate cat tongue.”

She also thought the kitty in the picture looked kind of sad, perhaps because “she was cursed with a chocolate tongue that these candy distributors stole from her.”

We’re sure her cocoa-dusted hairballs must be downright delicious.

UPDATE: Reader Niki writes in to encourage the idea of cat tongue candy gaining worldwide domination, saying: “As a native Austrian, I am quite familiar with them. They are a chocolate delicacy in Austria. They get their name from a French bisquit that is called “langue-de-chat.”

Feel free to send pictures of any other odd foods you spy on store shelves to We wouldn’t mind having something to take our minds off edible cat tongues.

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