Coffee Shop Offers Everything From Baked Goods To Paternity Tests

If the people of Camden, NJ, want to get a coffee and a muffin, and a drug test, and their taxes and financial planning done, and have a paternity test, and maybe get their cluttered rental property cleared out, they can do it all with one visit to the same small coffee shop.

The Wall Street Journal profiles the all-in-one store, which takes advantage of its proximity to City Hall and the courthouse.

One fire inspector tells the Journal he was lured into the place by its green tea but now gets his financial planning done there.

“A lot of the law-enforcement folks and the court folks do the same thing,” he says, “and so do the people in the system who are trying to get their lives together.”

“Lawyers are always coming in here to ask me to put in a good word with judge so-and-so, or asking me to introduce them to someone from the other side,” says the shop’s operations director. “We did about 300 tax returns this season. I do the DNA swabs and the drug testings. I’m one of the only notaries around and I am always marketing the businesses… But I also make a perfect latte.”

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