United Airlines Will No Longer Charge $50 To Get A Hardship Refund

While it seems like the major players in the travel industry are constantly coming up with new ways to charge customers more money, travelers flying on United Airlines can say good-bye to at least one fee: the carrier announced it’ll no longer charge a hardship refund fee of $50.

United recently promised customers it would try to make up for all the mistakes the company made during the process of merging with Continental Airlines, and this appears to be one of the gambits it’s employing to fulfill that pledge.

On Nov. 2, United dropped the $50 processing fee it charges customers seeking a hardship refund on nonrefundable tickets. That could be anything from a passenger death to jury duty, according to an employee newsletter reported by the Chicago Tribune (here’s the full refund policy).

It’s not the first airline to do so — American, Delta and Southwest don’t have such a fee.

“We know that our frontline employees want to help our customers in their time of need,” Sandra Pineau-Boddison, senior vice president for customers, said in the newsletter. “Eliminating the processing fee is the right thing to do and will create a better experience for the customers and for our people.”

In another update, United added that it’s narrowed down its search for an improved coffee from 17 brands down to three after blind taste tests.

“We know how important coffee is to coffee lovers,” the newsletter said. “These taste tests help us decide the best way to improve coffee on board and in our clubs. It’s not just a cup of coffee, it’s an important part of our customers’ day and their overall experience with United.”

United Airlines drops $50 fee for hardship refunds [Chicago Tribune]

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