Why Do App Developers Release iPhone Versions First?

Even though there are still significantly more smartphones running some version of the Android operating system, it’s not uncommon to see developers come out with an app for iPhone users weeks or months before they release anything for Android. What’s up with that?

Nick Pavis, founder of mobile game developer MunkyFun gives The Gameological Society two reasons why his company and others tend to go with an iOS version first.

Logistically, explains Pavis, it’s just less complicated to develop for iOS because the number of devices running Apple’s mobile operating system are very few, especially when compared to the vast multitude of Android phones and tablets.

“There is a certain ease of getting a single, ‘Okay, this works, and this is ready to go’ product on iOS,” he says.

The other reason Pavis gives priority to iOS apps is related to distribution:

[T]he iTunes App Store for the longest time, and even currently, is the place to be for getting your product out there. Getting it marketed. It’s the one place to go for iOS products. And I feel that the Android Market has been a little fragmented, though that seems to be converging as well. I think everyone was saying, “Android’s coming, Android’s coming. They’re gonna get it right, they’re gonna get it right.” It is, almost.

What’s Your Line? [Gameological.com]

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